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Would you consider Metaverse as an advancement is VR

Would you consider Metaverse as an advancement is VR

The Metaverse has been around since the first (MMORPG). the first mass online game. its a virtual world that doesn't follow the laws of our world. But now, thanks to new tech and specifically  Blockchain Cryptocurrency, that concept can be taken into infinite evolutionary paths. the metaverse is an ecosystem. It evolves. the more organisms that join it the more complex it can become  all dependent on the health of the ecosystem  the incentives for progress etc. the world is overusing the word  just like they did the (Internet)when it first came out. but with the implementation of blockchain technology it makes everything looks new and this is one of the reasons it's now trending.

Think you are spot on.a lot of these people use the same rhetorical devices, and they're very easy to see through once you know. I wish we taught source analysis and rhetoric/critical thinking in schools, so many modern challenges would be less potent if people were better able to assess the information they get. Note  I am not saying this so that in this hypothetical world more people would agree with me, but I dislike seeing people being led without critically assessing the source. Identity plays a significant role in the relationship between us as individuals and how we express ourselves in society.

Whilst the technical aspects of the metaverse are exciting virtual worlds, avatars, digital objects, functioning economies and more, what will drive this next generation of the internet and create early opportunities for brands is identity. The metaverse cannot be fully understood without internalising the importance of identity to us as people.

The Metaverse, Web 5.0 Virtual Cloud Economies.metaverse may represent an over $1 trillion annual revenue market opportunity. The report looks into the opportunity that will arise from the intersection of trends in gaming and lifestyle with Blockchain’s potential to provide infrastructure for digital worlds.Social equity through visualisation is already a powerful phenom in society.  As more people spend time in virtual spaces, fashion will play a central role in expressing our identities in these environments. And as augmented reality (AR) glasses such as  expected product enable consumers to see virtual garments in the real world. the intersection between identity, expression, and commerce will open many new opportunities.

There is potential for a whole shadow economy based on NFTs (lots of room for privacy and contracting work for savvy attorneys that dig in early.It was even more interesting than I thought once I dug in deeper to what is being built in the metaverse, a far cry more impactful than just VR and shopping potentially. When preparation meets opportunity, incredible things can happen. As I turn the page in this next chapter of life, I look forward to building new relationships, taking on new challenges, and making a global impact.

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