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This fire extinguishing ball can instantly control small fires.

This fire extinguishing ball can instantly control small fires.

Think you guys should consider helping out in  putting out the Amazon fire .  you could be saving the world from losing about 20% of its oxygen,I wonder how many you would have to put in each room to make a difference automatically?

I don't think it can totally extinguish the fire specially in large scale,, coz it only remove the oxygen from  fire triangle chain " compare to water" and the extreme heat may burn the extinguishing agent even if its a fire retardant  and  the fire may reignite again. mostly if the material can sustain heat and easily burn like wood... however it will be good on extinguishing electrical fire.It is not a new product and it has, and always did have, a place and value in the right application. However, it is now being massively over-sold and marketed. To say that it can replace standard portable fire. The efficacy rate of the compound chemical contained in this ball extinguisher is impressive, since it is dispensed in the air quickly upon explosion or contact with heat, applicable to volcanoes that are inactive or active, as nowadays, it is about preparedness and anticipation from any sulfuric acid or fumes emitted by the volcanoes. SME General Practices,practitioners all fields of studies and industries are orderly and efficient, chem lab and sciences for certainties are excellent in the fields.

Anybody remember those tetrachloride glass balls that hung on a wall with a lead link. They could be grabbed and thrown, or in a fire the lead link would melt then the glass ball would drop and smash. Problem was they were poisonous.99% of Fire unfortunate deaths happen to smoke and asphyxiation...these balls generate lot of smoke and can be deadly to people who are trying to escape.A splendid idea! The best way to use these in fire prevention in the forest is to create a regularly scheduled method for attaching  and maintaining these in the proper number of trees spaced the appropriate distance apart, throughout the forest grids. This will definitely help in controlling wildfires.

Usually, in a small fire situation where you would be using one of the commonly seen extinguishers, there would not be enough dust to be breathed in. However, if it does happen, you should go to the hospital. The dust may coat your lungs on the inside, which can prevent oxygen from reaching the rest of the body.

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