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is cryptocurrency worth it

is cryptocurrency worth it

 As digital assets become more sophisticated and ubiquitous, we perceive them as being more tangible.We trust them more, rely on them more and society starts to adapt. This is the time of early adoption, but if my hunch is right, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are simply becoming an increasing part of the way the world works. Money work because of central authorities backing them. The future of Money is Faith,Trust,Belief in the Value of something.No matter what the bearer,token is. I need to trust I can trade my token for something I want to buy.If the value of my token is volatile,not stable, I loose faith in its ability to act as trade token.

what is cryptocurrency and why is it important

If the value of my token is volatile, I loose faith in its ability to act as trade token.I get the popularity the cryptocurrency people have mistrust of governments oversight and regulation of our money.I also understand the value of cryptocurrency coin doesn’t follow the traditional investment values  of underlying value it’s only value is demandI still think it’s not mature enough and nobody knows what it is  If it’s an investment  it’s very volatile and since people are fickle  values can be changed and manipulated (because it’s not regulated .

Conglomerates can get together and push the price up then sell  and repeat.cryptocurrency  again it’s very volatile , we want currency to stay flat, also it must be easy to transact with, most likely a commodity , who’s value is purely based on demand eg. If the world stops needing coal, the coal price drops, if there is a larger demand.

But drop in supply   the price goes up. This is where I believe cryptocurrency is, the grater the demand for each coin  the more the price goes up, and there is limited supply,So the value is purely based on the popularity of the coin .which can change very fast Basically if you into cryptocurrency you have to be a savvy trader with your finger on the pulse at all times  like a commodity trader. The potential is there. But as with all forms of fiat currency (no tangible collateral), it's only as good as the confidence people have in it. And make no mistake, there are those that are highly motivated in reducing that confidence for their own power and gain. More the power, I believe. When you understand the motive behind fiat currency conceived. I would say specifically Bitcoin but I’m also very open to the crypto space at large as the future. A future I’m super excited about. While I can get on board with decentralization  further away from centralized control. Think about how assets can be seized now. Now amplify that capability 10x when tech encroaches into the cryptocurrency space.

I do not want to have anything to do with it.( Gold n silver) I'm not interested in a bank of any kind.Didn't they say 10+ years ago that cryptocurrency would be the dominating currency etc etc. So far, all I've seen are BTC ATM's and cryptocurrency being used for sketchy purposes.Hype. Money to be made, sure. But still  hype. I'm personally invested in cryptocurrency, specifically ETH (Ethereum), BTC( Bitcoin) and ADA. However, I wouldn't go far as to say its the future of money, I think it has its place which is why I'm invested in it, but I think its too new right now for it to completely overpower USD. What's your opinion? Please comment…..thaks

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