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Bitcoin future value predictions

Bitcoin future value predictions

Since September  2021, El Salvador has decided to make Bitcoin national currency in the same way as the dollar.Bitcoin was adopted to revitalize its struggling economy world.Indeed, the national currency previously did not make the dollar and did not resist it which brought a high inflation in the country.

This is why El Salvador decided to react and be the first country to make Bitcoin national currency. What really has the most value on earth are the scarce resources. Money serves only as exchange value. A currency can only exist when we give it confidence. If Bitcoin exists, it is because people believe in the future of this cryptocurrency.Is it better than the money created by the banks? If we analyze the value of a bitcoin since its creation and its current value, the added value is indeed impressive. Nevertheless, its value remains very volatile. This market is very much influenced by the trust or distrust granted in this currency. When we see that a single negative Tweet from Elon Musk quickly caused a fall in the value of this cryptocurrency before rising.

If the value of bitcoin falls, what will be the financial losses for the company, If the value increases, what will be the financial gains for the company and the losses for customers. A revolution or a strategic error on the part of El Salvador.  It is too early to draw any conclusions. I see a lot of people talking about the electricity it consumes, but you have to know that the current banking system consumes a lot more electricity. On the other hand, the introduction of bitcoin as a common currency in El Salvador has allowed millions of people to have an account (Wallet), because a large part of their population does not have a bank account.

In your opinion is bitcoin the future

Bitcoin is the basis it can not be replaced, it is inalienable and large fortunes as large companies have already embarked on the race to its accumulation. Bitcoin City is the assertion that another value system is possible, the dollar is hit without limit by private banks on the call (eternal money), as such 40% of the dollars in circulation were created last year. While Bitcoin is rare like gold. Bitcoin city will be financed by bonds to the tune of one billion dollars in bitcoin, repaid with interest.

Mais the price of cryptocurrency is extremely unstable, this is the big disadvantage, because the value of a currency coin must above all be stable, so that users have confidence. Hence the idea of stable coins, of which Tether is best known today. The principle is as follows, to bring this stability: for each Tether token on the market, there are 1$ USD in the Bank.But there is a catch, and it could shake the landernau of cryptocurrency  Last summer, Tether did not respond to a request from Janet Yellen, Secretary of State at the US Treasury, and we learn that the Senate Banking Committee has just sent her a request to know if she owns the 78 Mards of $ USD that guarantee her Stablecoins,  and its other 30 billion in loans.

Bitcoin, no, but blockchains using consensus other than POW will make it possible to respond to very real problems. the use cases are legion: smart contract, NFT, decentralized finance, metaverse. For me, this is the future great digital revolution to come. I do not buy a single minute this theory (despite all textbooks and opiniated people claiming it) of the fed manipulating the bond market. Jeff Snyder brilliantly debunked this myth. Treasury Bonds are high in price because they are pristine collateral and because the market as a whole does not see any significant future growth in the economy. It is impossible to have a clear understanding of the complexity behind every decision made by every actors in the market. We just see the overall results: low yield and probably for quite some time (fed or no fed intervention). Worldwide shortage of dollars in the real economy is most likely the biggest concern. Future will tell. What do you think? please comment below….!!!

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