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Will the Housing Market Crash in 2022

 Will the Housing Market Crash in 2022

Couldn't have said it better myself. Municipalities ought to enact laws that protect individual home ownership rights from the onslaught of large multinational corporate investors whose sole goal is to manipulate the market out of the affordability range of individuals and working families. Anything that's defined as a residential property ought to be available for individuals, families or individually owned propertietorships.

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The United States was founded on the principles of Free Enterprise and Liberty.  houses should be investments. They generate income for the owner. They also generate income for contractors and other small businesses. Small corporations or individuals flipping is one investment. When unknown entities with hidden investors with no idea from where the money comes is a separate terrifying issue. Large entities have been buying homes, often at outrageous prices, then renting them out. We need to protect our housing market from being inundated with such buyers. Otherwise it makes it near impossible for individuals to buy homes and floods neighborhoods with renters. We do not want our housing market become what it is in many parts of the world. As always, it’s rarely as simple as it seems. I think individual towns need to set parameters.

Zillow Predicts Housing Market CRASH

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Houses are always investments, whether you are buying it as a home,  home rental, to flip for profit, or as an inflation hedge. All regulation does is to hinder the free market decisions of individuals who are the best judges of what is right or wrong for them.We all know the housing market is a little bit crazy right now. Some people have started to get used to the idea of 21% increases in price, but the reality is, that is a crazy number. Go back even just a couple of years, and if someone told you that the housing market would increase by that sort of amount, and even more in certain areas in just one year, after a worldwide pandemic no less, you would probably try to have them sectioned. It’s no surprise then, that many people are starting to wonder when this crazy market will end, and it appears that Zillow is no different in that sense. Yapp,!! you heard me right. Zillow, the billion dollar real estate platform that dominates its market in the USA, is starting to look like it's predicting a housing market crash.

Back around 2006-2008 people were buying houses like crazy. All the talk at cocktail parties was how many house you bought and how much you were going to make. Builders were seeing houses change hands two, three, even four times before they were issued a certificate of occupancy. I asked a builder friend back then if it made him nervous and his reply was as long as they’re buying, I’ll keep on building. And then, someone, or a lot of someones noticed that there were no real buyers, just speculators (not the same as investors in my book), and the bubble burst with spectacular repercussions. Developers went belly up, banks and mortgage companies were suddenly in the real estate business and a dozen other unfortunate results. But then we quickly forget. I don’t believe that we should start putting restrictions on investors just because we don’t like it. This isn’t much different than the idealisme of billionaires and millionaires are bad. If they have the money and buying power, they should get the house. We have to quit getting emotional when we can’t afford something or can’t compete against someone bigger and better. Sadly, this should be ones drive not a victim tool.

houses are expenses. Although they are assets, they lean more toward the liability side. They're expensive to maintain, you can't take em with you, difficult to enter and exit this investment, high transaction fees, involve hefty taxes. I am personally happy They took on a risk, ventured into an industry they knew little about, and lost big money. This is America and the opportunity to invest in whatever one pleases is there, but I personally don't like the real estate flipping business and investors in these properties should be aware of the risks and not expect a bailout if their investments tumble.

Why Real Estate Is a lousy Investment

Why Real Estate Is a lousy Investment
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Unfettered speculation in housing is exacerbating problems for the start up homeowner, affordable housing and solving the needs of the unhoused. There needs to be boundaries to the quantity and concentration. Market effects like case can resolved some of this over time, but randomness won't align the need with the availability. and are looking forward to what needs to be in place to meet future growth needs - and meet the needs of human beings in housing, not just in housing human beingshat's a loaded question, but there certainly has been "challenges" since the flipping craze begun. To many people quit their day jobs to "get rich quick" and have gotten burned , but that's Capitalism  and I'm all for taking risks with potential high reward. Then you have the "investment" groups who swooped in and bought everything with cash - typically the people burned were the buyers in that case as too often, many corners got cut. Of course I am generalizing here and there are exceptions to every rule. I tend vote in favor of the "small-medium" size contractor who does quality work, is able to make a better living, and provide a family with a nicer home. Just my opinion.!2@@@.

Interesting way to position the survey question. real estate investment spans land  agricultural development to luxury housing, residential housing has been affected by foreign investments for quite a while now. When I read statistics like Chinese developers and investment firms own 3 % of American farmland and 30 % residential, but see housing prices that surpass the average family’s ability to afford, it does beg the question of ‘how does America preserve the integrity of real estate and land ownership so Americans are able to afford housing’. Also, this is about food production for future sustainability. However as individual ‘flippers’ and home owners, we have used real estate as investment. Some policy can probably be created to protect the interest of the buyers, delineate bulk investor’ from flippers but it could get complicated and open up avenues of discrimination for buyers and sellers.What do you think? Please comment.......

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