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which cryptocurrency is best to invest

which cryptocurrency is best to invest

YTD, Cardano has risen by 1600%,For the first time ever, it overcame the resistance band of $4 stattistics about this month's cryptocurrency.Number of Cardano millionaires has risen by 170%..Cardano’s UTXO increased from 819,000 on January 1 to 2.85 million by August,In August, Cardano gave returns of 150%, becoming the third-largest cryptocurrency.

How did Cardano manage to upstage more formidable altcoins and become a talking point in the cryptocurrency space.What’s more interesting is- how did it defy Peter Brandt’s warning of a major price crash to rise to the top?Another amazing thing is that this race to an all-time high happened before the anticipated upgrade ‘Alonzo’ came into practice.One of the main reasons for this terrific run is that Cardano's price is not linked to the fluctuations in Bitcoin price. Trading success doesn’t necessarily come from staring at a screen endlessly. What I’ve learned over time is that it’s not how much you learn about everything there is to know, but rather about becoming a specialist in one specific area. Instead of trying to know or predict every single move in the market, try learning to master one or two particular setups, and become a specialist in them. 

Cardano uses 6-gigawatt hours of energy annually, which is not even 0.01% of the estimated 115.85 terawatt-hours Bitcoin uses.This pro-environment factor has been a big reason for investors to flock to Cardano.Further, investor confidence in Cardano’s new technological upgrade was visible even before its release on September 12.With the arrival of Alonzo Hard Fork, Cardano has been empowered with the smart contract facility, including the DeFi apps and hence entering an arena that was largely dominated by Ethereum. What this upgrade also means is reaching out to potential new investors. Often touted as an ‘Ethereum Killer’, Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake consensus (PoS) network design system has an edge over Ethereum  Proof-of-Work (PoW) system, as it prevents cryptocurrency holders from using their coins repetitively in any blockchain of transactions.

Are you investing in Cryptocurrency

Are you investing in Cryptocurrencies

Eth is already moving to less energy guzzling ‘proof-of-stake’ so I’m not sure Cardano has the potential to make it go away. If anything the value of ETH is likely to go up with potential projects planned for Metaverse. Nike filed trademarks today to prepare for the Metaverse. And this system is a game-changer for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as it saves electricity and promotes greener mining.

Cardano has confirmed support for AID: Tech to work towards developing verifiable credentials for identity management and enable large volumes of transactions.Also, Cardano is all set to foray into the NFT space through its partnership with sports and gaming platform Rival. All in all, 2021 has been a wildly positive year for Cardano.

Cryptocurrency is the future of the currency market. Sooner or later, everyone will switch to digital.

Ethereum holders. Some altcoins on Ethereum blockchain pumped up so much in two days this week. Hopefully, it's my invested cryptocurrency turn to pump up soon! I was taking two professional exams yesterday and today and missed the opportunity cost of potential 90 % earnings in total. Those cryptocurrency pumped up fast but also dumped fast, so one needs to react fast to catch the profits.

I think ethereum is a better investment at the moment, research shows that it is bound for a big push. But also for a patient person, NFTs are the way to go. With good research and the right investment. Supporting every clean tech innovation. That will ensure life to continue on Mother Earth. Then, look at currency.

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