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which Criptocurrency is good for $100,000

which Criptocurrency is good for $100,000

At the current value of Bitcoin: the ROI is 100% the first year (pays for the miner, energy, etc.).You have a spare $100,000 to invest but you have to put it either ,use today's prices as a starting point.let’s assume you’d need to hold it for 5 years.

Would you rather have $100k in Bitcoin, or $100k in Ethereum, or $100k in Solana an shiba Inu. In hypothetical situation, that whole monetary system transfers on BTC knowing the fact that each BTC consists 100 million satoshi. Tesla has invested in 42,000 BTCs already, if we consider sometime in future the economic valuation of each satoshi equivalent to one unit of fiat then it makes 4.2 trillion units to buy sell daily stuff in satoshi. On scale of satoshi, Tesla has 4.2 trillion already the biggest question is when this relevance becomes more prominent in the world. ETH (Ethereum) has a lot of potential for growth. The only challenge is the crazy gas fees. I would invest that money in my business and my personal growth, the ROI of which will be 100 x more than any coin.

How cryptocurrency has allowed cybercrime to thrive

The rapidly advancing cryptocurrency space has also been attracting notorious minds, leading to enhanced instances of cybercrime.Coin marketcap is a crypto tracking website which stores its users personal details on its server.These details are used to verify user identity to provide services including buying and selling of digital currency.Sometime back, Coinbase experienced a similar situation where 6,000 of its customers lost funds due to a hack pertaining to its Multi-Factor Authentication system.Such incidents of cybercrime are gaining momentum with the day, which isn’t exactly a great sign for the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. But aren’t we losing control if we distribute something like a cryptocurrency coin or have a decentralised way of conducting transactions? Or is that how money works, anyway.this is another avenue for malicious actors to get paid. With limited regulations, and the potential payout for cyber criminals, the lucrative nature will continue to entice bad actors. What is the impact of allowing users to swap one cryptocurrency for another, without having to buy or sell. Sounds a lot safer than a transaction. We should try it more often.I wonder how countries like China, India, Russia are doing when it comes to their cryptocurrency space.

The future is Blockchain. And anything that’s digital, decentralised and distributed. We should have thought of that and cryptocurrency a long time ago. Some have been made rich. Others have turned into observers and watchers of its progress. We’re seeing the rise of the Cryptocurrency economy. Soon everything will be centred around cryptocurrency. And then everywhere we’ll see bitcoins and whatnot. It’s an evolution. Not surprised and not disappointed.

One moment you’re thinking of investments and money, the next moment, crypto and virtual currency are the talk of the town. Currency changes every decade it would seem.

Sometimes I like to research stuff in the Cryptocurrency industry. I was looking at the cheapest Cryptocurrency coin in town. It’s Doge coin, Shiba Inu,Ethereum. Unless I’m very much mistaken. Talk about Blockchain and people immediately think of Bitcoins. It’s so much more than that. Bitcoin is a drop. Blockchain is an ocean. It’s especially useful in banking. Some are quite bullish on the rise in the price movement in cryptocurrency. Let’s hope it stays that way. I don’t know if we can survive crises too often. give your opinion in the comments field??!.....

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