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where to invest money to get good returns

where to invest money to get good returns

In the last 10 years, if I had to pick out two words that have gained currency (pun intended), they would be: Bitcoin and Blockchain. I have that much money, which in any case I never wish to have, i would invest.Windfalls in money are not welcome to me, since I believe making it with my own efforts, besides, 'man makes money, money makes man crazy.Take care, keep helping the needy, stay safe .


Property seems the safest bet. But, if there's less people who can afford, economy bubble will repeat again. Diversify it would be the best bet. Cryptocurrency has good growth potential for the world usage. Decentralization will definitely takes place, then all property would be sold in cryptocurrency.The money, benefits and largest returns are in multifamily assets! I would love to learn more about your investing goals and introduce you to the world of multifamily investing in the world.

Investing in real estate, however, especially multifamily properties is not only wise, it is historically sound. Outperforming the S&P  for decades. Most people do not consider multifamily investing as an option because they feel it is unattainable. After all, won't get you very far into purchasing a multi-million dollar property or invest them in Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Running a successful business becomes very easy in today's era, due to advancement of the technology and networking.You just need $30000 to start a business an online business and build your own brand worldwide. if you could place those same funds into multifamily syndications and receive quarterly cash flow and incredible annual returns. Then take those proceeds and continue to reinvest them in more properties.

invest in risk I’m looking for assets that are lowly correlated to the equity markets and resistant to inflation and higher interest rates that will likely follow the  illconceived agenda. invest 50% in real estate, 20% in a joint lucrative businesses, 20% in personal businesses and 10% in personal skills,smart ideas or 99.9%  invested in cryptocurrency.

how to invest your money??What if there was a way to get the best of all those benefits without the volatility!!

I would invest in what I understand. I understand I think the stock market and real estate, so there I will invest my money.I don't rule out bitcoin or alternative investments. depends on expectation and time for good but generally as I'm sure most of us know money isn't much for the stock market unless shared profit in criptocurrency,(Bitcoin),Real estate or something.

I would invest the money in myself. Grab those certifications, get that next level of education.Start and or purchase a business or two. investment or financial analyst do some research as well and probably do diverse investment. It’s probably hard earned money so I have to be careful with it, I’ll need it on my retirement years.

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