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What is the future of the Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Coin

 What is the future of the Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Coin

it's not just about buying Bitcoin ,it is all About making your coin work for you , are you interested in earning massively from Bitcoins , am the right person you need to talk to , send a message so I could give you all information necessary.So what if half of these newly minted "millionaires" decide to exchange half of their Shiba inu coins overnight.Do any of the order books on the cryptocurrency exchanges that trade this coin have enough demand depth to cover that.

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Price is one factor, but volume is another. High prices for assets trading at low volumes are risky.More power to those who can take their returns before the rest try it. This ain’t no luck, if you know how best to make use of this coin you will know how useful it’s to your financial life, it has a whole lot to offer and a lot to loose if you have less knowledge about it, with no assistant from a pro or an amateur who knows the strategy’s to hit your steady jackpot. Please if you have these coin and still don’t know how to grow or are relying on the leverage profit please do well to ask for assistance to help you achieve your goals.

It's pure luck. There are many who have lost there money in other coins. Scams are still going around in cryptocurrency, so it's better to know about then invest. Big gains to be made in Shiba inu, a lot of rumors that it will be listed on Robinhood.

Robinhood it’s already doing surveys for cryptocurrency wallets and I do believe that in case shiba inu gets listed, it will skyrocket, not counting if shiba inu coins get burned. Several other platforms such as kraken may list shiba inu, as well as retail stores and restaurants. Shiba inu it’s already above dogecoin market cap and I do believe there is a lot of room for shiba inu to grow. SHIBA INU  is tipped to become an actual cryptocurrency, meaning that it will be transacted and having recently signed and partnered with ACRIA to handle transactions is looking at releasing a partnership token.At the moment it is still a token however, it is in the top 15 and will keep climbing regardless of the huge volume MC.

Here are some things to note

Rionhood brings it online, Amazon accepts it as payment which I read a few reports about  qtr 2022.When the projects forks off the Ethereum mainnet and has it's own blockchain a used gas burn will be implemented and in place of Ether it will be Shib used as gas for Tx's which will make them cheaper, faster and more attractive to end users.There are already small to medium businesses who are hodLers posting on social media that they will happily accept shibainu as a payment option. There are already small to medium businesses who are hodlers posting on social media that they will happily accept SHIBA as a payment option.The project ecosystem is strong, for a meme coin, with an even stronger cult community following which grows larger by the hour, this will give it the push needed for adoption, that could make the difference between a token and an actual cryptocurrency.

That's what smart Cryptocurrency do, especially with meme coins, SHIBA is an exception though just think long term since that's what investing actually is in reality. a joke cryptocurrency becomes serious the shiba inu community is growing from day to day and i'm excited to see how shiba inu will develop over the next few years. it could be possible that the hype will collapse in the near future.The market is very unstable and you can not tell If it's going bearish or bullishit. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.

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