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what is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now

 what is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now

Billionaire Elonk Musk, owner of the Tesla company, has given great support to Bitcoin (BTC). During his quarterly appearance before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the tycoon has indicated that in the fairly near future "he could restart the practice of transacting in cryptocurrencies specifically with BTC.

Clearly with these statements, the way is clear for Tesla to resume support or allow purchases with digital assets. Musk's company is currently among the 10 with the highest capitalization in the world.

Tesla would actually be resuming a measure that it had initiated in March 2021, but suspended a short time later in May 2021, arguing that digital mining was negatively impacting the environment. Musk said at the time that his stance was not against Bitcoin.Earlier this year Tesla revolutionized the crypto world with the decision to accept Bitcoins. That also meant an investment of 1,500 million dollars in Bitcoins during the first three months of 2021. Musk's influence on the digital market is undeniable, his statements have raised projects such as Dogecoin.

Sensational as ever! There is a world of possibilities and that is the most exciting! Although it is equally challenging because of a culture change! Congratulations on exploring this subject so well and opening up this much-needed debate

Today is  day in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world! 13 years ago, the still unknown Satoshi Nakmato revealed the bitcoin code and showed how to run a blockchain. And so it changed the world of finance.

which cryptocurrency to buy now

which cryptocurrency to buy now

You can invest in cryptocurrencies which have a usecase anyway.And nowadays due to lack of information lot of shit coins are there, some can give you 1000+% profit some can be your nightmare. Invest in the live project than dead one. Invest in the crypto where you know the owner and it's project updates.

Doge,ethereum,Theta,Thetafuel,Ankr,Tron,Btt,Solano,Polkadot ,Gochain .Vet

When I am typing this, invest in cryptocurrency coins which didn't breakout yet... Check the graph and confirm. Otherwise you are investing in peak and you will regret it somehow when it dumps.  Cryptocurrency currency is money waiting to be lost and it's alarming that 38% are risking their money now on the Cryptocurrency so all we need to do is find out who they are and expect more heart stress and urgent asset sales when the market collapses one day unknown. It will affect the whole market obviously and probably very badly too. investing,Hardly unless you call speculative investing “investing”! Whilst any currency undergoes variations in value, cryptocurrency varies

I’m thrilled to announce that today I start a new journey with PayPal’s blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital currency (BCDC) unit to support their efforts to bring financial services to everyone.  PayPal has an all-star team and I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them to create a world-class business in cryptocurrency and digital assets. During lockdown had a deep dive into cryptocurrency blockchains smart contracts and decentralized finance.

The market is already mature, safe and extremely profitable still it remains heavily polluted by one-day currencies and shi tcoins. Re decentralized finance it’s an illusion - everything is very centralized over the performance of #BTC,and Bitcoin blockchain. High inflation of USD and interest of FRS in high speed payments which offers Bitcoin blockchain, accumulated and growing share of the total global supply of BTC in the hands of US private and business inwestors. US wants to replace USD with BTC, it’s clear. But there is Etherium etc… NFT. Let’s see.

Finally, paper money became n1 reason of the global contamination by covid. China reacted the first. It’s the end.My advice is play it careful & only read news from fact checked media like ABC News in Australia, BBC News in UK & Forbes in USA. A few others but they are my go to sources of fact. checked news

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