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What do you do with your savings so that they are not eaten up by inflation

What do you do with your savings so that they are not eaten up by inflation

The stock market is plagued by high-frequency trading and investment funds. Valuations are disconnected from reality. Nothing more to do with a direct investment in a company. Stone always stone a sure value. In addition to what the government will put in place so that the owners rent more their property there may be blows to be made. Investing" in a cryptocurrency is not the right term. We "speculate" on a cryptocurrency but we do not invest. The term "invest" implies that one brings one's money to a project (in the form of shares, bonds or derivatives) hoping to reap the benefits. Saving cash is no longer intended because of inflation and money printing actions carried out by the central bank of the United States. At the same time, stock prices are already relatively expensive and bonds no longer provide wages as big as they were decades ago. A cryptocurrency even more than gold or a classic currency (we can at the limit conceive that the one who buys currencies invests in the issuing country) is not an investment.

If you live in a developed country, did not lose your job and were lucky enough to be able to work from home during the pandemic, you are probably sitting on a pile of cash right now. And you’re not alone. With restaurants, bars and stores closed, no possibility of travels and all kinds of limitations that the pandemic brought with it, a lot of people in rich countries saved like never before during the last year. And how these people are planning to spend this saved money will play a big role in what will happen with the world economy in the next few years  I prioritized life insurance because my situation makes the investment interesting from an inheritance point of view.I have always practiced and advised the diversification of investments with different proportions the situation of the client the duration of the investment and his appetite for risk. no earth alas neither cryptocurrency nor NFT  am cardiac and more the age to spend my life in front of the screen nor support such volatility. Some investors speak like compulsive gamblers because they are trading. Cryptocurrency and other for a little while but it takes a little time so I bet on several projects But I make the difference between trading (short term) and passive investing (long term).

Tips to fight Inflation

We need to be aware of the effects of inflation, because inflation is indiscriminate. If we remain silent, the value of the wealth we have will decrease over time because the real value is cut by inflation.According to Bloomberg analyst John Authers, Bitcoin has achieved a deflation of 99.996 percent over the past 10 years. Bitcoin is considered to be the best inflation hedge. That is, based on the results of a Bloomberg survey that found investors protect themselves from fear of rising inflation by using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been widely referred to as an asset that is able to hedge from inflation, but there still seems to be some doubt. Cryptocurrency assets have no direct correlation with the inflation rate. This is one advantage of investing in cryptocurrency, especially for those who are worried about the inflation rate and the monetary crisis in the future. Bitcoin is the solution.the potential for adoption of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is so widespread in efficiently all human activities, especially the economy. Bitcoin: as the first strict rules based monetary system ever  this is a big idea. Bitcoin will have 3 roles: store of value, means ,exchanges, unit accounts. Bitcoin is the store of value against inflation and deflation. According to Elon Musk: Bitcoin evolved with Lightning (Lightning payment app with QR code) .I personally, Tesla and SpaceX own Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge; The development of bitcoin mining trends by using clean energy sources reduces carbon emissions.

This is beneficial for Bitcoin as an asset with deflation + an economy where investors pursue profits.because Currently, Bitcoin is one of the most popular and least understood currencies in existence. It's value fluctuates often, but it has an underlying principles that makes Bitcoin unique.the reasons people love or hate BTC are numerous; some believe its untraceable while others see it as illegal because cryptocurrency operates outside any government institution like banks - which many individuals rely on for money transactions daily to buy groceries at checkout lines .  parking money is increasingly limited which can provide good returns to fight inflation. As a result Bitcoin will continue to grow rapidly in 2021-2022.

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