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Warren baffett Hold cash or Investment

Warren baffett Hold cash or Investment

Charlie Munger Destroys the Investment World.Being a vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and the closest partner (right hand man) of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger has a net worth of around $2 billion. He is a profoundly wise man who is absolutely worth listening to, especially when it comes to investing, stocks, the psychology of wealthy people, rationality and life experience Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett explain why wishing for a million dollars isn’t a good strategy for high achievement in a capitalistic society.  hold cash or investment ,Its a proud moment for the AICTE and UGC , who approve these thousands of college, design the curriculam, evaluations,etc. of the pass outs. I will not like to talk about the money going to AICTE in the name of grants and development fee from each individual. Its an exceptional value for money for the society, students and country as a whole.

Shout out to the exceptional  education ecosystem.
1. Private colleges were opened by politicians or their so called relatives as money making machine.
2. Same people made policies for govt banks to give easy loans.
3. But demand was not created in the form of SEZ in the same ratio.

How much inheritance should parents pass on to their children to better prepare them for the future?

NPA going high, unemployment going high as well but number of SEZs increasing will ultra slow motion. Lack of opportunities and extreme pressure of competition and banks. Nothing will change , people will keep posting while expressing their thoughts but it wont change anything. The way you enter these good colleges on behalf of caste and other advantages and the intake itself is not unbiased. Everything here is biased. I do agree with people saying it provides more research opportunities in these colleges but i would ask if a person is passionate since he was a teenager and did a lot of research and design , how can you superior to them by just having a degree from a better college . Education has became a business here. None of the colleges match up to leage or top colleges. Least amount of  do research. No college can help you out if you are not ready to change and develop.

That is their filtering policy. Even most of the companies have education % as filtering criteria. It just demand and supply, they are trying to get the folks based on their demand. jobs was not an engineer though he immersed himself into detail in an extraordinary way.  But who wants to know him beyond the label? That would be too much to handle. I believe the "inheritance" should be in preparing our children (with education, life skills, a strong sense of self, etc.) to function appropriately in the world. I don't know what may happen to my  you we could get ill and if so, we might deplete any financial inheritance. If we prepare our children early, the money we leave them isn't nearly as important as being able to support themselves.

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