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The Future of Bitcoin in the Housing Market

The Future of Bitcoin in the Housing Market

Cryptocurrency are non-physical assets. they exist only as code on computer screens. They cannot be touched, they cannot be held. No one even knows who the original creator of Bitcoin/Crypto was, which makes them feel even less real. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous entity going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. it is likely that cryptocurrency  will continue to intersect with real estate, perhaps in ways that no one has even considered yet in the coming years. But, for right now, due to the high volatility, regulatory concerns, and other issues with cryptocurrency , real estate investors should approach cryptocurrency with extreme caution.

There is very little difference between cryptocurrency  and other virtual currencies that are worthless such as currencies inside of video games. Because crypto coin are not real and only exist in cyberspace, they can never provide the same sense of security and tangibility that physical real estate provides. It also makes them infinitely more vulnerable to theft from sophisticated hackers who only need to get you to click on a link in order to rob you in many circumstances. Deciding between the most desirable investments can be difficult. The uncertainty caused by the  corona virus pandemic makes this decision much more intricate. Real Estate investment has long been considered one of the best ways to make wealth in the world. According to Andrew Carnegie, a great American industrialist, Real Estate is responsible for 91 percent of all wealthy individuals.” However, since the last decade, Bitcoin is the most hyped asset in the market that has attracted individual and institutional investors world wide.Buildings on the other hand, are impossible to be stolen. Because Cryptocurrency coin are not real and are only software programs, it makes it very difficult for investor. The political independence and impermeable data security give the users of cryptocurrency the benefits that are not available to users of traditional authorization currencies coin.

can i buy a house with bitcoin 

The first cryptocurrency to be ever released to the public was Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto coin , making rounds in the market and having highly volatile prices that nearly hit $65,000 this April before losing its value to more than half in June. this is one of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency. Even Bitcoin, the most valuable, the oldest, and arguably the most trusted cryptocurrency regularly experiences draw downs of 40-85%. These drops can be gut-wrenching. Many people have lost substantial amounts of money in these draw downs.It’s true that oftentimes, the swings go in the other direction, making incredible gains for investors. But, if you fall into this category, you might as well just go to your local casino and put your money on black at the roulette table. The volatility at the casino will be comparable to that which you will most likely experience with cryptocurrency.

The fact that cryptocurrency are so volatile means that they are definitely not the place to put your money if you are looking to grow your wealth steadily over time. how you can prepare yourself for the coming devaluation of the dollar.  at best, cryptocurrency are a speculative asset that are a good option for people who are looking to gamble. Although there are hundreds of currencies in the cryptocurrency coin market, currencies that have seen a market steady adoption, strong user activity, and relatively high market capitalization are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Shiba inu. Real estate investors tend to shy away from volatility and instead prefer low-risk investments. This is one of the biggest reasons why cryptocurrency  are yet to merge well with real estate investing. Cryptocurrency is gradually being accepted for large-scale investments like real estate. Over the next few years, the new currency and its underlying technology may revolutionize the way that real estate transactions are done.Bitcoin in a Nutshell the appeal of Bitcoin partly lies in the technology it uses  the Blockchain, a virtual ledger distributed to a wide network of users. Blockchain transactions are verified by many parties that have copies of the ledger. 

For this reason, it’s harder for outside parties to hack or infiltrate the Blockchain.users consider Blockchain transactions to be more trustworthy and less susceptible to fraud. They’re also fast, since they don’t use centralized banks or middlemen to approve transactions.Bitcoin and the Blockchain have made inroads in the real estate housing market with an eye toward the future, cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Binance Coin BNB sits over 10% ahead of Cardano ADA which is in 4th place, and we're still expecting BNB to keep rallying as well.What do you think? Please comment... !!!

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