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how to like your job

how to like your job

Work is work and home is home. Your home should be a sanctuary to block out the outside world. Why are we so willing to turn our homes into our offices? We aren't able to connect face to face and feel as though we are part of a team remotely. The little things like getting lunch catered or going out with colleagues for lunch or after work would be gone.

why would you like to work for home

Working from home gave me the time to focus on my mental and physical health while also providing increased work productivity. I was able to wake up at the same time, but instead of rushing around to get ready and commute to work, I used that time to start my day with a morning workout in my living room and actually got to sit down to eat a healthy breakfast. Though I've missed some of the social interaction that naturally occurs at the office, something about the peace and silence in the WFH background is oh so precious!

I notice in the votes that with over 2000 votes that nobody voted for 100% office. That should send a message to employers. As long as you get your work done, why should it matter where you are? With so many working remote during COVID 19, I think many employers are rethinking their policies about being open to hybrid or remote work

During this time, I was also studying for my CPA, so I could use my lunch breaks and time after work to study uninterrupted until my husband got home. I gained 4-5 hours of time every day to focus on my personal growth while working remote and I’d absolutely love to have that back. And no, I didn’t have a proper office setup either. I worked from a love seat in our small apartment living room with a folding table, laptop, and tv monitor to work from, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! It’s amazing how much time we spend just simply going to the office, feeling rushed and overwhelmed constantly when this time could really be used for better things like taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing. We can’t pour from an empty cup. Allow your employees the flexibility to take care of themselves however that may look, and you’d be surprised how much they give back.

what job would you like to do in the future?Is there any reason to be in the office anymore!!

I found it irrelevant to go to Office anymore. Pandemic had proved that we can achieve quite same result even most of people work from home. The only reason to go to office just for any work that can't be automated yet and still need human touch to do it. I choose when I go in, but I go in at least 92%  of the time to justify OH providing my office space. I also prefer to be in the office, just enjoy flexibility when life happens to work from home.

I'm  for co-working close to home. Transport sit in a proper environment without having to take traffic. In the absence of a nearby working, an office on the balcony, with coffee snack and lunch outside, only return home when it's over, or if one day it is necessary to stay at home.

The question should be, does a poll like this really matter? Honestly, there seem to be hundreds of similar polls out there. Gotta ask, whats the point of this? Give your opinion wisely!!thanks ..

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