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how to be a successful entrepreneurship

how to be a successful entrepreneurship

What the hell do we have to learn as entrepreneurs.in this topic more towards us must be smart in one thing or smart in some things, how do we learn in that direction? with personal experience like me smart where in the field of business.

First here's what you should know. If we are as individuals, we have limited time. For example, everyone only has 24 hours per day. So, we have to focus on learning where first? What we spread all our experiences, our knowledge to learn general

Do we focus on one thing first, this is my personal opinion, if you want to be a great entrepreneur, you have to know a lot of things and great at many things. But where did it start? Start from focusing on one thing, which is to be an I-shaped person. So in shape he knows one thing and he delves into that one thing. For example, if you have a career as a marketing business. You are deep in the market, know Facebook,twitter, Instagram, or anything. or for example content marketing, you focus on one thing first.for example people want to start an entrepreneur but want to start their career as a freelance first, or work first so they can collect money. If for example we are smart in marketing, we must find other partners who are smart in making products, operation. But usually this is initially, i.e. people become I-shaped people. we must start diversifying skills. We can't possibly get stuck in a skill that's too far away. I myself used to get to the stage of being able to earn 10,30 million per month from freelance programmers, at that time I was just a programmer and article writer. Until finally switching to businessman.

how to manage finances effectively

how to manage finances properly,So like stock investments, trader investments, we invest in crypto, BNB binace Coin, Ethereum. Learn cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and can be trading for living. I myself have tried crypto from 2018, 2019.And at that time the cave only and BnB Binance coin, because according to the cave at that time BNB Binance Coin was popular. According to me, one of the most trusted – most popular until now. because in BnB binace you can sell / buy crypto, Bitcoin, ethereum, and it is monitored so stay safe. As long as I use BnB binance coin the transaction is fast, secure, and there is never any problem.

The website is active 24 hours and the chatroom is also active. A multi-shaped person is a person who has knowledge in many things, but he is still a specialist in one thing. For example, people in marketing and he chooses a marketing manager position. He must understand many things, for example, influencer marketing, financial management, and building brands. and other types of marketing.

For example, if you are already at this stage, we can add skills to the things you have to learn so that we can be more flexible in our work. We can start venturing into other people's work, we can start expanding our horizons. And finally fitting we become muti-shaped person, we open our opportunity for other work. Which can support our career.topic for as an entrepreneur, it seems like you can already understand it.

As a multi-shaped person. for example we want to start a business but we only understand marketing, you must be able to make products, designs, brands and others. Do not let for example meet a partner, you can be taken advantage of, It's good as an entrepreneur, one-shaped person.

For example, you are not too smart in the field, you already understand the way and how to solve it., the key here may be to find a more complementary skill, rather than a little skill or wrong, for example, start marketing, approximately the picture is like this. So the knowledge is broad but we can explore more than one specialty. I started with a programmer. Continue to penetrate into product design. Finally penetrated into sales and marketing.and now again building LivestockUang, I am more into data and finance. Seeing life is like an endless learning process until we get old. The hope is to be able to specialize in many things. Because being a multi-shaped person is very profitable for an entrepreneur? Because in a business or startup, one thing that is certain is uncertainty.

Always suddenly pandemic covid, you have to adapt in organization management, to be able to run everything working from home. There's nothing wrong with being a one-person either. And my recommendation, you must be smart in one field first, before you generalize your skills. Yes, it may be different ways for example you have a lot of money and you can pay everyone, but not everyone is rich / billionaires like that.

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