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Which innovations will have the greatest impact by 2025

 Ur trying to get ideas…??

I would say Blockchain is still too soon. AI should be the way to go  everyone  understands it and its clear that there is room for improvements in a lot of field  say healthcare should be the best of them all. In my opinion, it gonna take at least a decade to impact society at every level. Even though if we talk about which is the future and what gonna impact society, then indeed it is none other than technology.

which innovation had the greatest impact

Great question. The rate of human intervention means that most of these ideas run the risk of going through all the possibilities in the next four years. Block Chain will sort itself out and be either the turn of the century tulip or a real possibility. AI will continue to make progress, but despite the promise, will not be true artificial intelligence in the next four years. Gene and Cell Therapies will continue to improve individual lives but since people are and should be afraid of embracing genetically engineered humans, it’s impact will be after the fact. The innovation that will have the greatest impact will be developed around  of 2023-2024. I can’t foresee what it will be, but it will shape the geopolitics of the world.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the second. The research is being done by giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Apple. Also, innovations in the fields of mobile devices, robotics, the internet of things are also gaining. By 2025, AI will have transformed business landscape beyond recognition

how does innovation impact business

some of these is already being industrialized to the point where you probably use it multiple times daily without even knowing it. Seeing how long the industry uses for a cultural change - i think the technology that will make the biggest impact the next 4 years is the technology that is already partly adapted.

and i see all others part of AI one way or the other, or at least AI playing a significant role in their development'.

20 years ago we don't know or aware of what AI is. There may be a new one ruling the world in next decade.Artificial Inteligence, which allows computer systems or software, programs or robots to think intelligently like humans in general.

The use of AI for pattern recognition in small tasks in many fields has already revolutionized the tech industry. As the datapower increase and the models keep getting better, AI is the bionic hand humanity can use to reach out and further increase our capability as a whole. Areas as the health industry can be revolutionized, and the clutter and noise of big data can be aggregated and automated for the tech industry to make new leaps in the future. I dont think the flashy pictures of AI as a human-like robot is the future, but rather widespread low-level automation that most users wont even recognize.

These could be intertwining innovations, especially blockchain and AI. What do you think?

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