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When you’re done with the product just take it back to the supermarket for a refil

When you’re done with the product just take it back to the supermarket for a refil 

plastic bottle
plastic bottle

The corrective measures are deluged by over-production and hyper consumerism. I see plastic everywhere, in many forms. I don't think these measures will make considerable dent in the way we have embraced the use of plastic materials.

now plastic bags, styrofoam plates and cups, plastic has flooded everywhere, it’s omnipresent that’s heart wrenching, sadden me, unfortunately the whole country is on the brink of collapsing under plastic waste It used to be paper bag, and paper wrapping

You are shipping relatively small items, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of kilometers to processing plants to be cleaned, refilled and sent back to consumers. The emissions footprint is enormous - one of the reasons why curbside waste collection is possible is that you are working with a critical mass of material. With  this isn't the case. If 10 people in the same neighborhood subscribe to and use the return shipping labels, you have 10 unique trips to the processing plant, and 10 unique trips back to subscribers.

What is shown in the video is more akin to a deposit/return model, which is hardly a new concept.

So you want to open your own zero waste store??

While I agree, it is certainly preferable to the one use and dispose policy dominating at the moment as if nothing else it reduces waste packaging. I celebrate each small victory but yes the war is far from won.

Circular economy.I remember doing this as kid, with soda drinks bottles, and various others liquids and solids. Full circle or is it a new circle with better design and functionality?

Its good news when you see ideas like this spreading around. Small local businesses which are adopting refillable containers and making a difference and attracting new clients who prefer a more responsible approach to plastic use

Amazing! As someone who is a keen environmentalist and knows how much waste is produced in Japan (you get a small plastic carrier bag every time you visit the convenience store. I think that this initiative is a great idea and should be pushed harder.

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