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Western fashion litter ends up in africa

Western fashion litter ends up in africa

sumber : BBC news

 In a news coverage, about the garbage of used clothes piled up like a mountain that became a disaster for African countries, especially Ghana.

In the picture above shows piles of clothing waste that has polluted the environment, which is in the location, has even expanded to pollute parts of the African sea.

Fashion merchants in Africa rely heavily on the majority of fast fashion fashion products donated by consumers from Europe, America and China. but fashion suppliers do not focus on sending decent clothes, in fact most clothes sent to Ghana about 15 million pieces of clothing every week are clothes that are not worth wearing.

according to the merchants.

used clothes

Goods that enter the market today have a bad impact on our business, in terms of quality we find a lot of clothing in every sack is clothes that have been damaged / torn and have no selling value.Whereas we are here, doing business to sell used clothes purchased in every sack, estimated 40% of used clothes sent end up in the trash, so that most clothes end up in the trash, which is a nightmare for the environment.

Even some clothing is a polyster made of synthetic fabric, which eventually goes into the waters of the sea and endangers the lives of sea creatures.

This problem of fashion waste is what makes us as users and buyers of fashion from Fast Fashion aware and choose wisely what clothes we buy. Not only the origin of buying this buy, I buy more clothes if really need. Wear it until we realize our clothes are not worth wearing. It was not immediately thrown away but I used it as a washcloth. From a mop to a stove. New clothes I usually rarely wear daily, and only wear when out or hanging out. So as much as possible I don't want the clothes I buy into this bad circle.

Social media is very fast, and the culture of high consumerism makes 'fast fashion' uncontrollable. The real adverse impact is the environment in the disposal of synthetic fabric waste waste made from non-organic materials. Unlike 100% cotton which is more environmentally friendly

Actually all we have to do is take action so that companies that produce fashion around the world, have the same commitment, about the management and disposal of fashion waste. because according to estimates in the last 15 years, fast fashion consumption increased by 60%, and as a result countries like Ghana ended up being a dumping ground for fashion waste.

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