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wearable airbag helmet for cyclists is designed to save lives

 wearable airbag helmet for cyclists is designed to save lives 

I definitely think 'regular' helmets offer pretty poor protection, especially for the face which is why I wear a full face helmet, but I only spend a few miles on the road each ride. (Mountain Biker)

I'd be very interested to see what happens in the event that it fails to work for some unlucky cyclist though, or if it triggers when it's not supposed to, causing an accident. They could have a big law suit on their hands.

I first saw these in Copenhagen, august(2018). I didn't know what they were as I live elsewhere in city in the North. Quite a few were wearing them, including a new classmate. I laughed when I saw heard they were air bags. I think it has become a yuppy-fashionable thing to have. But in a country where most adults don't seem to wear helmets, why cares why? It's a good alternative. Having worked on a TBI ward, I always wear a helmet. The airbag is a bit cumbersome, a little heavy and hot (this was summer) but people were sweating it out, wearing them so cant be too bad. The zipper flip under the chin looks uncomfortable & the material is not particularly comfy- but you get used to it apparently. I feel almost naked without a helmet so it would be hard to start using one but it possibly protects the head & neck more, once inflated.

It's pretty entertaining to watch. I would say they need to add a part that goes on your forehead and covers their face too. I love that it sometimes goes off without an accident. I know I want to strap a thing on my neck that has gunpowder in it and is electronically controlled. This is so good.

Make sure to implement to motorvehicle drivers and pedestrians first...oh and people getting out the bath/shower, walking down stairs before you consider offering them to cyclists, just to ensure they are used by the groups that need them most first. Noddies (yes that's you with all the replica kit and helmet to match) that need to fit in with the pros simply have no idea about riding within your own limitations and road safety and causation. The facts speak for themselves, helmet wearers are at greater risk of head injury and generally the head down noddy types that insist you need a helmet are the ones telling you that a "helmet saved my life

  Advanced bicycle helmets

A regular helmet protects well against skullfractures - but not so well against brain-concussions. This airbag-helmet does a better job of protecting against both type of enjuries. Also, most people don't want to walk around with a regular helmet strapped on their heads. So you have a storage/carrying-problem once you park your bicycle. Not so with this alternative.

The airbag fixates the neck and provides extremely soft and gentle shock absorption. The pressure remains constant for several seconds, making it able to withstand multiple head impacts during the same accident. After that, the airbag slowly starts to deflate.

Thousands of tests were done, re-enacting cycling accidents using stunt riders and crash-test dummies, to collect the specific movement patterns of cyclists in accidents. In parallel, an equal amount of normal cycling data has been collected using test cyclists wearing Hövding in everyday cycling. Based on this collected data, we have developed an algorithm that can distinguish normal cycling from accidents.

I bet it wouldn’t protect you from a protruding branch . The tech senses impact , not flying debris or static objects . If health and safety ever passed something like this for motorcyclists, I would definitely buy one as cyclist . Also, the crazy stunt on the video deploys the airbag when the guys wheel strikes the concrete pillar ; lots of head injuries are caused by objects sticking out or overhead when cycling . The ‘ bounce ‘ when it inflates could cause serious whiplash or concussion injuries . I very much doubt you wheel see motorcyclists wearing them.

if they can offer replacements for £99 then why cant they sell them for that?, I would get one at that price as I don't wear a helmet, I had a helmet once the day I used it was the day I fell off due to crappy peripheral vision a lorry came past I turned my head and lost my balance, since then never worn one never fell off!. looking at this video 3 years on and the price is still very expensive if you want more people using them the price needs to come down, £99 for the helmet is good and replacements for no more than £49 would see a huge increase in sales. If you are aiming the helmets at those that don't wear them at least put it in the realm of where they might consider it at £250 those that don't wear one isn't going to, motorbike helmets don't cost that much! thaks

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