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This Robot Built House Could Change Everything

This Robot Built House Could Change Everything

This Robot Built House Could Change Everything
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ust curious, do you have a list of people in your friends and family group that you would like to see be without work because they don't have the technical know-how? Or maybe there's a friend of somebody in your family that should be eliminated.

the world's most advanced construction robot, the Hadrian X if placed in the right environment and continuously at work, each unit could build between 100 to 300 homes annually. With an impressive record of building a standard sized home every two days on average, this revolutionary brick laying robot actually has a surprisingly small footprint. This allow the Hadrian X to be mounted onto a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it to and from a location for the on site building. This extremely versatile construction robot could also be mounted on to other bases such as tracks, barges, boats, and cranes, making it flexible for different building needs in various locations. The Hadrian X uses FBR's Dynamic Stabilization. I'm definitely for technological advances but not to the point where humans are going to go the way of the  bird. And with more and more technology that comes along such as this, there's going to be less need for humankind. Have a wonderful day be well and God bless.

Maybe I missed that in the video, but I'm seeing stacked bricks

What's the integrity of a robotic built brick structure w/ mortar applied after stacking and not during? and just like that all of the contruction jobs went away...post 10 years of production and implementation, of course,Perfect for those that erected the , Less jobs means less people that should be walking this earth

I think the key is to eliminate the use of humans as far as a mass and just keep on this planet what's needed. I seriously doubt our society could sustain enough jobs for every human to be more technologically advanced versus hands on as we've been since we've come into existence. And just for the record I'm being rather sarcastic in my comment. I seriously doubt that anybody on this post would be willing to look at anybody in their family and decide that they must go because they have not grabbed onto technology in the fashion that they feel we should be grabbing on. I know I would have a hard time pointing at any one of my family members and saying You must go because you are physically capable of doing a job but not mentally capable of doing complex tasks in a technological way.

This device takes away human jobs, for sure. Here’s the thing though: we work to survive, when we should be working to thrive. If this device eliminates back-breaking work, injuries, etc., then I would think that for the advancement of the human species we should be focusing on less survivalism, and charge onward into a higher state of being good job.

Can someone explain what people are going to be doing and how they are going to 'pay' the tech companies in this human redundant future we're busy pushing?

I think if this was a post about an A.I program that could cold call prospects and close deals, or autonomously fix IT problems remotely this post would be getting worse responses. I haven't seen any brick layers comment yet. Its all neat until it's our job consider effective for one or two stories buildings maximum.what about more stories ??but how much the cost of this robot compare with the traditional method of buildings.What do you think?

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