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Squid game business idea

Squid game business idea

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Had the same feeling. For me it really takes a deeper look into the world that we live in today. The fact that there  are people who are at the brink of financial destruction like that tells a lot about the way that the world functions and how we as a people function and what really matters for us. Not once did they make the choice to participate in games.The Squid game is a Netflix film series that tells the story of a group of people who have their acute financial problems playing in a series of children's games with their lives as the stakes of winning will be able to take home Money worth 45.6 billion Korean Won.

Financial lessons from squid games are very good to achieve financial freedom, we learn it because it has not achieved it, but even more perfect if you look at the perspective of the person who has reached the point who he is? The grandfather of the brain of the squid game... How do you look at money... What it's like to have "the world"... A wise man once said, "What is the point of a man gaining the whole world but losing his life? And what can he give in exchange for his life?" Isn't this the essence of learning from this squid game?  more recognized or not squid games represent the dynamics of the world of business competition that exists at this time well in this video we will use game C to dissect strategies and Z. The behavior of the characters in the squid game series aims to understand the subconscious logic of business competition behavior as well as to attract learning and help you determine the best steps to be able to come out as winners in the business you run.yes saying that style represents business games in the real world it sounds excessive yes but actually not too,  Children's games played in squid games such as red lights Green light and tug of war.demand complex strategic considerations not to mention talking ecological processes that occur in every game that risks lives it is the things explored in the squid game series and such is the reality that happens in the business world as an illustration For example you trade satay should be simple yes but it turns out that you do not have to decide 

how much the right selling price that margin is quite but quite biased to compete where you can be the current dies in a crowded place but there are already many competitors or in a quieter place but there are no competitors How many materials you have to buy and then produce if for example your production is a lot but it turns out the market is quiet right, you will lose but if you produce but it turns out the market is crowded you will also lose because you lose the opportunity to make Well now we see from the psychological perspective of all squid game players come to play voluntarily indeed Initially they dabbled yes and then excited and finally decided to No more home games, but it is.In the end, they came back to play.Entrepreneurs are also so many.who tried it at the beginning then stress He finally said he wanted to stop.But many of them are also Then decided to come back so Employers know the risks.Being rich makes them. Willing to risk failure

squid game businessman

squid game businessman
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in the game squad risk It is death in the business world.The analogy is more or less that.The business world is always full of Our surprises and uncertainties are not I never knew what was going to happen even. Friends can be opponents Now let's use veory games to dissect Game theory isThe branch of mathematics that studies Economic interactions in which the results of interaction .

What is obtained depends on. the interests of each perpetrator Game theory was originally developed by Hungarian-born American mathematician John Newman and his colleague Oskar car Stone to solve problems in the field Economics in their book The Story of Bieber's games and economic Published in 1944 both Confirm that mathematics Developed for the physical sciences is A bad model for the economics of sciencePhysics according to them observing objects A dead man who has no interest while selling the human economy Full of their interests. I see that the economy is very similar.With games where the players Anticipate each other's movements.others and therefore need A new kind of mathematics they call with game series Game theory has many concepts in It's one of the most basic. And it is well known that conception Roshan game that represents a situation.

where the value in which is obtained by one the same as the value of the loss experienced by the other party in other words net change in wealth or The benefits obtained are null zero In the poker game of the players, Risking the same money so that collected some money and money It was obtained by the winner. It's money that other players have. Losing in suit games every time There are players who lose, then the players Those who win the opportunity to get More money more and more Players who fail more and more as well Money that will be earned by the candidate winners of the basic premise of zero-sum games This is the total potential for revenue. It can be obtained from the game already Fix whatever the number of players,The more yesterday the less Which will be obtained by every player That's why the players have to compete.Drop the opponent so he can a larger portion of income by That's why in the business of the first decision.All we have to take is decide I want to enter the game arena. Where is the same playground in this is the industry of every industry.Have an amount of money that can be played

Different according to yahoo !!finance The telecommunications industry has value.market 1.7 trillion US Dollar temporarily The food industry is worth quite a lot. Ordinary dollar e-commerce industry? Who they are and how It's easy for other players to enter to choose.The right game arena will Determine the chances of success of Your business, but of course it's a business.

It's definitely more than just choosing Your playground should also be clever.In playing it, here's everything Things are becoming more complex and Game theory can help you Understand it in the business game.Decisions of one player and action, Following it will have an impact on Other players in other words fate The players depend on each other.The decisions they make in the game Hi then before you Decided to do something you You have to consider how to cook. You will respond to your actions and how far their response will be profitable or even Potentially harming you in Chess games, for example before you Moving your chess pieces should Anticipate the next step of opponents of the game and their hopes .The next steps It will put you in that position.Benefits of a Grand Master of Chess. 

The world is able to predict the future up to 30 steps from his opponent Unfortunately, the business world is not like A game of chess that every player can.See the condition of the game Perfect all the time the business world That's vaguely a lot of obviously wrong.A concept in game theory.Which more accurately representsThis business game is called Prisoner's Dilemma formulated by Mathematician Albert double you take according to the name of this game Played by two prisoners andThis is how the game is two.Prisoners A and B in the robbery Together they were isolated.They are urged to confess to each of them. Prisoners only care about them selves. They want to get punished the shortest prisons as possible eachYou have to decide whether to confess. from the other prisoner before,Decided they were told consequences of his first decision If both confess, both He was in prison for a second five years.

If no one confesses,Both went to prison for a year .third if one claims temporarily Others do not, so who claim to be Temporarily released who did not confess He will be jailed for 20 years. The second logical choice where Neither of them claimed to give optimal results for both prisoners where Both were only imprisoned for one year.This year is called the next.

equlibrium in game theory how ever so every resist thinking They want to be free then Or not without knowing the decision. The best choice for him is zack,The third is what guarantees That the other prisoner was not I'll confess if it turns out he  While I'm not confessing,I'll be lucky I form him free of me in 20 years of absorbing That's why These two prisoners have the opportunity to choose to confess that leads to results which is not optimal.Each was jailed for five years.Years in this business often occur.For example, there are two shopkeepers who Selling the same product each,They want to increase their profits every day.The shop owner knows that if he Have a lower price than His competitors will attract.Customers of this unfortunately with As soon as the profit will increase.That's why then each one Finally decided to lower The price is then both Caught up in the price war The two shop owners Get a smaller profit

I hope my friends have started now.Imagine how to play theory.Related to squid game and able Explain the economic behavior of the perpetrators business Ed Wait for presenter dilemma It's just two temporary players.Business games that the player can there's a lot more to talk about real reality of business players  can communicate with each other.The other is not like the prisoners.

Let's see another game in the game. ??

Let's see another game in the game

Theory has many players and It's done more openly now.You imagine there are three players a b and c,The player can be more than ,I used three players to It's easier to explain and also understand it, but whatever the amount.the complexity of his choices remains The same and the results will usually also be  same well the three players are located in the corner  equilateral triangle they are involved in,Fuel is a duel involving three Everyone has a weapon.With one bullet assuming that Every player can shoot with Perfect and can kill one player. other times there is no order of But shootings can only happen in order after 1 new shot Other players can shoot them no You can shoot at the same time As a result, if a bullet is fired The results are known to all players.before the second bullet is fired in order priority of the end result of the game It is expected by every player that Here's the first time he survived The two survived with one.The third opponent survived with both jokes. fourth does not survive without a life opponent, fifth is not safe with one opponent.Life and the sixth are not safe.Both of his opponents survived alone. This is the most ideal outcome for The player while dying alone is The worst results do you think Someone shoots if anyone and him Guess who isn't really hard. To see that the end result Third, where no one shoots. It's a choice with optimal results.for all players, even if it's not a result.the first order as it was written Why is it so because of the choice?Others will always have more impact.Bad for example ah decided to Shooting B expects a second result Where he and C survive now seeIn such a situation C.

The opportunity to take the It ran out of bullets until finally Leaving himself as, The only survivor C will Get the first result It's ideal if this is what it will be.If it happens, Aa will get Unwanted results are results.The fifth order is logically a It's best not to shoot logic first.The same goes for all Other players with that result The third where everyone is safe will be I'm getting, but the question is Do other players think the same as What if they want to take ,What if he decides!!,To shoot you what if both Other players of the quality to shoot You and if you have to guess ,Who you're going to shoot where among you The two you believe won't Shoot you after you run out Bullets well you can certainly try Quality with other players to Shoot the third player and agree to Not shooting at each other, but whoIt will cause play at that time if you guess what guarantees the player the second will.

Challenges in the business world such as squid game, has a nature and character that is changing and erratic. therefore you do not have to choose the three characters, for the sake of a business. Because business competition is just an illusion.in the game in squid game.the most important thing for you is to give more space to your business customers and win their hearts, so that they still always feel good.

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