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life is choice and we must dare to choose

life is choice and we must dare to choose

love your life

Life is a choice, sometimes it arrives at the intersection. select turn left or right Sometimes it gets worse on the road. All can be experienced that is important to the goal.The beginning is just nostalgia. soundtrack of most beautiful  song ,A career journey that could be a story .I hope you can put together meaning.

At first, I just liked the focus of the training field.

But it turns out that it can't be the only problem solving.  The nature and attitude of superiors, coworkers and the environment, it's given, accept it as something you can't change.

While your nature and attitude in responding to superiors, co-workers and the company environment is in your control.

Like when you drive a car or motorcycle to the office, the state of traffic, cars and motorcycles that are irregular, sabotage signs, and others it's something that is given, and you are used to that the situation you can not change.

You arrive safe and stay happy even through the traffic journey that is not because all the road riders forgive you, even they don't care about you, but you survive because you control your vehicle.

When do you advance, when you stop, when to gas, and when you should turn away.

Things at work don't change like that. You will survive when you accept everything you can't change, and focus on controlling your nature and attitude.

Can't this be worked more and more

because  more and more learning ,At first the outer weight perished.Told to work on something unusual Not given any additional compensation, Let's give up first.Other times the  is forcibly pulled The duties of  superiors are targeted in time Every weekend must be performed this task. It turns out that  so can benefit It's a shame it's so young ,Only good at field one but less in field two three,From making  module brain password numbers.

More often honed so it can be because it is usual ,So many full skill forged The career test comes the time. When accepted at the top level position So it works because it's been studied before.The initial allegations that turned out to be true HR is a business partner,Not just admin management and indiscipline actions ,About the business of profit and loss also smart, For the young can be a record ,who different cooperation majors.

Don't be afraid of failure. It could be a stepping stone to success.There are examples of sweet career specialists. But the competition in his field is sadistic.There are also generalists his career is not fantastic. But now the dollar is flowing while sitting sweetly ,In conclusion, no one loses the crying trus ,Our choice wants generalists or specialists

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