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In choosing a job what are the biggest considerations

 In choosing a job, what are the biggest considerations

booble.red ,job -If you have experience, of course, salary and career guarantee. But if you are still a beginner of course the most important work as long as income is in accordance with the targets and needs because currently so many companies pay their employees' salaries below the value of daily needs.

career and future prospects how

career and future prospects how

This is commendable of you. I was once asked by a guy (who was supposed to be reporting to me if I got hired) if I came through a consulting company - my response was no, I don't believe in someone recommending me (at times this is not possible as some companies don't have HR to do talent hunting and solely rely on a recruitment company - that's a different ball game all together so I don't go through a consulting company and I applied directly  Even if you don't offer me this job, I can be proud that of the hundreds if not thousands of resumes you may have received I made it to the top 2 on my own!

I can see where you are coming from - I hope you find the great next opportunity. Things happen for a reason, every time I felt dejected because I didn't get an opportunity which I truly thought was best ever - few months down the lane another opportunity I got triumphed everything I thought I missed out. In the moment it may be hard but down the lane we realize and say to ourselves

when choosing a job salary is most important consideration 

when choosing a job salary is most important consideration

For me, who is the line manager and senior management, because if you have the same values + vision-mission, career will follow. Kl about the location, the sense of skrg bkn again obstacles byk tech n fintech company that supports remote working.

Our wealth comes from our hearts when you show us a human being, he cares about what his job is, it's an invaluable feeling. I appreciate all the effort and great leadership. Have a blessed day for you with you.

Not in my current role, however, I have in the past worked with an employer where the same agreement applied. If the candidate they presented to us via agency had applied to us directly in the past (regardless of outcome), then we do not accept the candidate from the agency. It needs to be an initial introduction. Both agency & my employer agreed on this via their contractual agreement. Albeit, I commend your integrity - it's just hard to overr principles this is refreshing to see and witness that you stood by your principles, I am sure that whoever wants to hire you will have a valuable team member and I am wishing you all the best into getting the job of your dreams. The company that you actually stood by and that didn’t get its commission will most definitely be there for you. Honesty doesn’t always pays right away but it most definitely does and it will I have no doubts about it !ule commercial agreements when they are in place.

No need to complain about why your efforts haven't paid off yet.

Remember, many people also have big dreams and are ready to try harder than you.

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