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ethereum price prediction

 ethereum price prediction

Booble.red - Successfully invested in Ethereum. are your future customers.What’s going on? Cryptocurrency is about redesigning incentive systems to enable a more decentralized economy.For weeks I have been receiving a little info about the cryptocurrency world and it caught my attention, but Where to start

While I think cryptocurrency has a bright long term future, I view the market as the tip of the risk-on asset spear. Because cryptocurrency has truly never been faced with weathering a systemic global financial crisis (no COVID doesn't count), it's still unclear as to what will happen to it when that time comes.

ethereum price prediction
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I may have mentioned it before, but I think something that rivals 2008-2009 is coming soon. While many in cryptocurrency say that it is uncorrelated with markets, when markets go risk-off, correlations all go positive and the riskiest assets have highest beta. yes exactly! I wouldn’t invest in stocks/cryptocurrency/any risk assets if I didn’t think the opportunity cost of holding cash wasn’t high, One thing I will say is this: the returns on cryptocurrency are not part of a stable market. And no matter how much money you put in, there's only a specific percentage you can get back now. People get wealthy from a series of transactions.

Truly inspiring. I believe there is a need for professionals to realise that humans are bound to change through their experiences. An individuals current drive to change the status quo should not be correlated with his/her past failures or lack of motivation

Consumer for the Ethereum gas market

Consumer for the Ethereum gas market

Puts things in a different perspective. I have been through this several times but I don't feel so bad now and am seeing the situation with fresh eyes.This is what the world is heading towards. New living ways, new ways of marketing but the old rules of business never change. 

Does the value of the transaction really matter in the case of cryptos.It's largely what's traded on exchange than what shows the adoption rate of the network for DeFi.

When it comes to throughput Ethereum is still disadvantaged. The transaction volume is like 100-150X more on Visa compared to Ethereum. Hopefully, ETH 2.0 and 5.0 would bring it on the front foot. Low cost ?! The gas fees for ETH transactions are so high. Sometimes transferring assets worth $20 from one wallet to another through ethereum mainnet costs $25 in gas fees

are we sure they aren't counting node validations also as transactions.apparently is doing that so the amount of transactions over the network seems high. The data to make such deductions is often unreliable.

ethereum stock

Consumer for the Ethereum gas market

What we are missing here is Visa processed "actual" transactions and is not traded on exchange, while ETH is on exchange and processed transactions most of which are just trading/speculation on exchange. So yes both are not comparable but decentralized fin system is here to stay. digital equity

you will also know that Raoul is incredibly bullish on Ethereum, with his entire Investment portfolio made up of 70% Ethereum. However, what you may not know is that Raoul also expects that there will be a huge sell-off in Ethereum at some point over the next 6 months and that it will most likely be triggered by a specific catalyst that will play out in 2022. 

Just this week, Raoul did a panel alongside other Crypto investors and he explained when he expects to see this sell off, as well as WHAT his price predictions are for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Solana for 2022.

value of transaction only barometer you want to use? VISA Tx is on actual consumption. That's probably the more relevant metric we may want to track for ethereum,blockchain identity system that makes transactions a real state engine,crypto economy will disrupt in a big way

conclusion :

1. Transact (without knowing the other person)

2. Agree  ( without middleman/woman)

3. Earn  ( without anyone’s permission)

4. Create (without agents’ control)

5. Identify  (without Google or Facebook authenticating )

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