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Carbon is pumped deep underground so it turns into rock

Carbon is pumped deep underground so it turns into rock  

sumber: World Economic Forum

I have nothing against DAC as a niche application, and there are cases where it makes sense, but!!

Mixing CO2 with water and pumping it underground is the most ridiculous concept I have seen so far. CO2 solubility in water at atmospheric pressure is 0.2-0.3%, let's even assume they achieved 5% deep underground where the pressure is high. DAC is an energy intensive process. With Climeworks’s technology removing 1 ton CO2 requires 650 kWh electricity and 2000 kWh heat (this is a long-term goal, current energy use is higher). Current global emissions are about 40 billion ton per year. Removing that amount (every year) would require 26 000 TWh electricity - more than all of the electricity currently generated worldwide. Plus about 80 000 TWh of heat. Plus energy to transport and store CO2. Doesn’t sound like a very good idea. 

So, to capture 4000t of CO2 you will need to pump what, 80'000t of water?  I believe it is not the case and that they are us.plant should be installed in the first place because of the amount of CO2 produced in that country being negligible compared to other European countries, but they are much more afraid of loosing their natural habitats by the accumulation of CO2 in their nicely bio diversified country, if we don’t stop producing each year millions of new cars for single drivers and accept the continuing production of Carbondioxide containing gazes from all worldwide plants coming not only from the Chinese one’s but also from the rest of this world, even if we build air purification centres 100x bigger than this one in the middle of each major city, we could not escape to a complete suffocation on this planet in maybe 50 years from now, the only reason being such a device, even i

In this situation it would make much more sense to produce commodity carbonates like CaCO3 used in many industries in a sort of "sustainable" way, rather than pumping this back into the ground. Check, for instance:

You are exchanging lower tailpipe emissions for the destruction and environmental damage of mining rare earth metals with fossil fuels, producing electricity with the loses in distribution, and the environmental damage of toxic battery chemistries and production waste, not to mention the energy and emissions to reclaim and recycle the millions of tons of batteries with those toxic chemistries.

Are you sure electric cars are better for the environment?

Tech fixes like this aren’t actually affordable, economically scaleable nor transformative.

Since most hunting were done by men and gathering then forest farming done by females throughout the largest chunk of times since prehistory until around the idiotically dedtructive idea of city building (done so by not so smart men?) ...the more correct wording should then be, "A society grows great when wise women plant trees..

I‘m convinced that we need technology and innovation to remove the greenhouse gases we are not able to reduce or avoid. Natural solutions such as mangroves, trees and whales are also a great…

But we need to speed up and need efficient solutions to stop climate change!

The movie mentioned a target of 31.500.000.000 tons. The Orca captures 4.000 tons. So we need 7.800.000 Orcas to reach the target. Thermodynamics make clear that the process of Orca will require endless amounts of energy to operate and endless amounts of steel to build. I do not foresee a widespread use nor a significant solution to the problem with CO2. It is more effective to avoid the emission by lowering the consumption of energy and by changeover to renewable sources. If emission is unavoidable: separate at the source while the concentration is still high.

1 There are not enough locations to build orcas that use geothermal energy.

2 Geothermal energy can be used in other processes.

3 CO2 reduction per dollar: If you do the math you will identify orcas are not worth the money you have to spend. Just spend the money avoiding CO2 emissions in the first place.

Good to see technologies developing.

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