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Can bosses call their employees anytime after work

Can bosses call their employees anytime after work

 I think there needs to be some mutual understanding about what is expected in terms of response time. Too often we have expectations of each other and we don't express those, and this lack of communication leads to conflict and misunderstandings. So, as long as there is honest communication about what is expected and the communication to revise this remains open and authentic, anything can work. Organizations that truly care about the well-being of their employees will respect boundaries. And if there is not a meeting of the minds, each can make their own informed decision on next steps

we all know discipline is the best key to achieve a goal. But the health pandemic has transformed us many ways. Many of us has lost their nears and dears. Many have become fatigued... So we have no option to think the way we did earlier than these days of health pandemic! Should a boss be able to call an employee while I suppose it depends on what that employees contract states are they paid to be available at all hours. However the real question is should this actually ever even be allowed contract or no? Everyone needs down time they can’t be on 24 hrs a day

People have their lifes and bosses have not the right to interfere in after working. Once the working window is finished people have the right to be off, enjoying their lifes.

this is an understanding and bond between boss and subordinate. Type of industry matters too. Will subordinate call the boss anytime? This should reciprocate ya…Basing on Emergency, Urgency and Priority may qualify thus,  send a text and wait for them to respond. Or I will take a call based on their daily/weekly report or the project plan. Boses and employees are human beings and they must live their lives separately from working times to feel alive. I loved young employee's reminder to her boss. And Boss cannot offload his pressure to the employees. It depends on the type of work and the type of team, but shouldn’t be a regular thing. An email to get things started and a call the next day should usually work.

It depend on the call. If is emergence no problem he can call any time. And I am sure he can't just pick his phone and call you just like that without a reason.

What if it's an emergency call?

What if it's an emergency call

In careers that require one to be on call, and when one is on call, it's reasonable to get certain calls off hours. That said, I believe that people's personal time is sacred. On call employees, still have PTO. When these people are on PTO, there should be someone covering their responsibilities, and they should not be contacted at all.Time off work is prime. Mutual respect and healthy personal time rights with needs prevail. Reasonable if something can’t wait.

I try to respect employees boundaries, however sometimes there are situations that may need a call outside work hours. The converse is also true for me as a leader. I've received calls at 1am from employees. I've never regretted taking those calls as they were in distress and needed help or someone to talk to. What infuriates  is people who work from home but can't be reached on the phone during working hours.few companies seem to have a policy that during working hours you have to be accessible and not just via email. Generally no, unless is an emergency classified as not procastinable

.Conclusion :

I personally do not send email after office time, knowing that people can only work on it the morning after. Receiving a mail in the evening spoil your routine for no reasons and people that care will not sleep over it. To recharge, you need to power off to power on. We cannot help others if we have not helped ourselves.

What do you think? Please give your own opinion...!! Thank you, have a nice day.

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