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Bill Gates for Congress to Amerika clean industrial revolution

 Bill Gates for Congress to Amerika clean industrial revolution


Combat climate change, I think it would make sense. promote such fully networked projects. Because many problems of the energy transition are tackled and solved in the simplest way. Of course, such an infrastructure costs a lot of money, but we also get a globally tradable commodity hydrogen similar to oil. And that's the holy grail for climate change. Because everything that moves, heats, cools, produced in the world can then be done without CO2 emissions. And the waste heat generated in the production of hydrogen is also used. And thanks to the simply enabled vertical farming, the efficiency of these solutions can be significantly increased. In the future, we will be able to feed many more people in the world simply through a waste product of the hydrogen economy. I'm not just thinking of pure offshore projects, but the basic idea can be used anywhere in the world, it doesn't necessarily have to take place at sea. You can do the whole thing with solar/wind power and with hydrogen from waste.

Here are some information about the project bill gates and melinda foundation

Right now, I’m heading to the international climate conference in Glasgow, known as COP26, where delegates will talk about how to cut greenhouse gas emissions from roughly 51 billion tons per year to zero by 2050. On my way out the door, I’m hearing news that makes me even more optimistic that the world can accomplish this extraordinarily difficult task: The U.S. is on the verge of making a historic investment in clean technologies through the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This package of legislation has many important provisions, from health to education, that w
e need to make progress on. But because I’m on my way to COP26, I want to write about the climate provisions. 

I respect your business acumen and knowledge of software. I am very pleased that you have wealth beyond comprehension and that your foundation has funded many and lasting health initiatives worldwide. I have seen your progress in Africa, specifically. I know you to be an excellent bridge player. With all due respect, few would have ego large enough to suppose they could take on climate change; a fool's errand. You are way over your skis. I always wonder why the elite people in our house of representatives in Congress who make so much money and they’re obviously part of the 1% don’t want to help the 99% of America when 99% of America put them in the place that they’re at to make sure that they’re taken care of for the rest of their life and then they can’t help the 99% just get through a pandemic maybe we don’t need those people that are there maybe we need to change someone who cares for us.

No bit he does a lot of work to help and was.trying to stop this flu epidemic in 2000. Many of us here were not born rich or smart. He spent through their Gates Foundation a whoping 800, 000, 000.00

Let's consider finding that internal fulcrum 

First communities to build these things will end up teaching the rest of the world how to do it." That's the outside important fulcrum out of that "thing". The other internal one is its ability to induce upstream business activities. In other words, the solution/thing might not need to be repeated as is unless it's growing outside. Through its support needs, it should be able to induce more upstream relevant business activities, indirectly creating more job opportunities whist it's generating enough profit. Different communities might require different approaches  Analogy: there's only one soccer ball's valve through which the entire ball is inflated for the game to begin. We need a mass sign out of the money economy.

Humans are not smarter or dumber, fitter or weaker, competitive or incompetent, except relatively inside a frame of reference. The economy is an artificially created frame of reference, not a natural one. In a natural frame of reference, there can be no value creation, just as no energy can be created, it's a physical impossibility.

For value creation, in the money economy, for money to change hands, a differential needs to be created. Fear, greed, shame are some emotions exploited to sell us more stuff, obviously without which there's no way for surplus value to be created and siphoned off.Love is our default exchange mechanism, not money. what does not mean we should not hope for the legislative bodies to create clean bills to fix our aging roads and bridges and add some useful charging infrastructure ( possibly off-grid solar and wind) on our interstate highways. And it would be smart to spend on some solar farm expansion south of I-40 to supplement the grid there. We have seen government contracted development for space-launch capacity made a reality by Space-X and Blue Horizon get the job done at a fraction of the cost and without the years of bureaucratic delays seen in NASA's program contracted to Boeing. And yes, bring high speed internet access to much more of our off-the-interstate communities, but don't make those government run projects. Incentive projects like Musk's satellite mesh to make it much more affordable

what Agreed... let's use our tax dollars to get americans back to work and off stimulis, in jobs that pay well, improve the American industrial base and stop relying on other countries to import everything we consume and sell in order to pay back our debt to them.

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