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Start a business without risk

Start a business without risk

Speaking of businesses today, there are certainly many ways to make a business, but many people are afraid to start the business, in other words they are all afraid of loss.

Starting a business without risk, certainly sounds impossible, I say that because there is no work that produces without risk, but by minimizing the occurrence of things that we want to do , it will certainly be better than nothing.

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Well.. several ways to avoid the risk of losses in starting a business or business are:

Find out first what business you want

When you want to start a business, at least you have to find out first, how the business, what are the most frequent risks, and of course if you start the business, whether to get the maximum results, and find out also, it is to people who have been successful in the field, then the level of risk for you can you face , because you know the procedure.

but do not make you become afraid, and do not start, because too long to find out about the business that we want to start.!!!   aja first start gays ....???

Start a small business

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Thus, the level of risk to suffer losses is quite small.because the business you want to start is a business that may be very small risk. like a business from home by selling fast food, and in posts on social media that you have, or by selling in front of your house with only a capital wagon or a tent or garage, remember, successful people like Steve Jobs who started a business with the capital garage in front of his house.

Whatever we're going to build is as big as the risk, start with the smallest thing first.

Finding mentors

mentors smart
learn from mentors

Why would I say that?? because, with a mentor who has experience in his field, will certainly give you the opportunity or advice of all the failures he has been through, so that it does not happen to you.

For example he has a tempeh factory that has the most branches, well if you want to start a business just like him, will certainly provide information and convenience anything, which you have to do to start the business.

So by doing the above methods, I am sure you can minimize the risk, although there is no business without risk, but by starting a business and fighting risk but in a smart way.

Rest assured there's no effort. Who betrayed the results. Because without starting, of course you will never know and remember, start a business smartly.

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By Dio Alfa dilla

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