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If your skills are stuck then your performance will be

If your skills are stuck then your performance will be

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 In a good work experience, to increase knowledge and skills, it would certainly be more profitable if one already has a skill needed by all circles, such as someone who has experienced and worked for several years, but it is not sure, that with long work experience with something done in a repetitive way, as something very special and good , it turns out that this is a mistake in the world of work, because it will make yourself just like walking in a place without changes due to your skills walking on the spot,The example of a female tailor whose job is only to sew one part of a shirt, certainly with years of work experience, will make her very reliable, because it is done over and over again to make it easier and faster, but in other ways will make her unfocused, and may be difficult for her.similarly that makes me say that a process of work experience that has been a long and many years does not guarantee the skill of a single g become better.malah will give an impact that may be greater risk, such as boredom and saturated with the daily routine that's it.

How to stay active in a performance, to avoid the risk of boredom in a job

Actually in the process of working we must liken it to a learning system, always want to learn to know other ways, looking for something special than before.even if necessary out of comfort zone to be able to know other ways and interact with people who we think are people who should be mentors in the process of working.

Thus we can see that with minimal work experience with smart thinking will provide a great opportunity for us to use as an effective learning material to train our skills or abilities, to be better than before, even we have to look for something that we have long wanted to work on and achieve with our own abilities.it will give you the opportunity to get answers that may still be an option when you are in the running of a task or job that is deadlocked because your skills are only running in place without significant changes to your performance.

So try not to stop there in carrying out the work, which must be done by looking for new things and always want to look different with interesting colors from previous work experience so that the curiosity is not focused on one side only, but with a variety of ways to stay active in work activities that can sometimes be used as something to gain certain knowledge and skills , in order to avoid feeling lazy in carrying out the task of a job

So when you feel that things are getting saturated, you stay active in starting new work activities, without thinking about how to do the job, because you have learned to know the ways and efforts made to overcome such conditions, let alone your skills that are already proficient in any condition.

The target that you want to achieve with clear specifications will provide information about the quality of the learning process and quality improvement in a clearer direction, so as not to take us, stay in a stuck skill condition.then use other methods or ways to improve your skills more perfectly.

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