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Everyone has their own path of success

Everyone has their own path of success

Speaking of success, of course, it can not be produced only by asking God for help, but must be with hard work and a strong desire to do something in order to achieve the goal, although all obstacles and risks must be faced with various winding roads.

Speaking of success, of course

No one is instantly successful

Maybe you say that there are people who are immediately successful, such as children who have wealthy parents and have wealth and company, so he just continues what has been obtained from both parents.

I don't think it's a success but a fortune and it's destiny, so that the way of life is easier.

The principle of living in a success is when we want to achieve the goals we want to achieve in an effort to realize a dream, but sometimes we have to go through a process that may not be so easy, even need struggle and sacrifice.

You must have experienced a fatal mistake and it could have been that mistake, you did it over and over again.

Some of those who are now successful and become famous and richest people in the world, almost all have felt the name bankrupt, tricked by friends, frustrated, to not have a penny, it is experienced over and over again, but because by keeping and trying to bounce back and make the experience when they are in a low position so that they can master the way of management and achieve the success they Had planned it a long time ago.

A tale of success achieving goals

A tale of success achieving goals

On an island stands an ant kingdom ,where a kingdom led by the King and Queen of ants, and soldiers filled with various kinds of ants numbering almost millions.

Once upon a time the King of ants held a challenge for all the ants. For those who are able to go through the challenge, the King promised to marry his daughter to him. The challenge that must be done is to climb a high pole and has been given a very slippery oil, so that it is not easy for the ants to reach the top.

The challenge will be held tomorrow morning.

Ants from several cities gather, because it will start at 07.00 am.

After the ants started racing - the race climbed the pole, but none of them managed to reach the top, time passed quickly even some of the ants had given up and ran out of energy. Some shouted, there would be no way anyone could reach the top of the pole. From hundreds of ants to tens to only a few ants that survive to climb the pole, until finally, all feel that they will not be able to get through the pole, give up and despair the appearance of one ant that never stops to stay afloat and climb a pole until finally the ants managed to reach the top of the highest pole and all the ants applauded for the success that has been achieved.

Finally the ant was married to the king's daughter. And all you need to know if the ant that reaches the top of the highest pole is the deaf ant.

This is where we learn, sometimes to do something, to achieve goals and success, not to hear what others tell you. Because it's going to make you feel unconfident. However, you just need to be attentive and look to the future in the path you persevere in with your own hands and hard work. The rest with prayer to the almighty God. amen

by Suryawati sam

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