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Bank Indonesia plans to issue digital money

As we know today, with the changing system is getting more and more sophisticated today. Until finally in this modern era, almost all countries have digital money applications that are enough to help people who want to make payments, exchanges, purchases through the digital process, because of the fast and short process. 

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Thus Bank Indonesia also has plans to make digital money CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) although for now it is still under discussion.
This is a response to keep up with the development, digital money technology that can not be avoided. Because almost everyone nowadays makes transactions through the process of digital money that feels quite fast without having to wait for the process of printing money first.

but it is worth noting and you know CBDC is different from Digital Money Crypto or Bitcoin.

For information CBDC ( Central Bank Digital Currency) is different from criptocurrency money that is only guaranteed by the existence of its network.

Unlike CBDC which will be used by Bank Indonesia. The digital currency is issued and controlled by Bank Central.

The digital money is almost the same as that issued by people's Bank of China, namely DCEP (DIGITAL Central Electronic Payment) 

What do you think about the development of digital money that will be used by Bank Indonesia. Whether to facilitate the turnaround of money easily and quickly, so that the Indonesian economy is increasing or just simply, following the development of digital money only. Give your opinion in the comments.!?

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