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Trend in jest

 Trend in jest

Starting something new this year doesn't seem to be a problem for us.but no matter what. It seems that this has to be with careful thought ,because now many people are easy to offend, even if only with trivial problems.

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So try yourself, still be able to use science openly.because it can harm you or others.

Do not give information and inspiration, sometimes people's judgment is always different.

Talking about humor can also make people offended ,because he feels ,we laugh at the funny thing, which concerns him.when it's just a joke ,fellow friends themselves

This is what makes the tendency to joke like never before.because people are afraid to joke to people who are easy to be offended. As is the current trend ,we often encounter stories about people on social media.

Social media topics

Often we encounter trends that occur in some social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram.we usually find the status funny.but it turns out that the status makes some parties feel offended, when the person who wrote the status, at that time did not feel like offending someone .he wrote the status just for himself .

How do you deal with that,??

Social media marketing ideas


The idea of marketing from social media is already a lot of fans, because almost everyone in the world uses the internet through hanphone. And how to marketing through social media updates.

To start a business to increase quickly, you need to prepare a good marketing strategy. such as, choosing a stage media that you think is suitable to use.you can start a business from home first, by promoting fast food products, or whatever it is.to adjust your finances, you can also create a business that suits your hobby.with updates to social media that you think many fans.

Try to stay consistent to provide the product services you want. Because business ideas start with the smallest thing first. How to start marketing through social media efficiently.

1.targeted product marketing

2.provide interesting products and quality

3.join several communities that suit your business and cooperate with several trusted resellers.

4.actively respond to requests or complaints from your buyers. So that they feel well served ,even if only by text message.

5.take advantage of the social media that you have through the app feature.you can make profiles and product pictures of goods become more interesting.

Success is always .keep joking in social media.life must always run the norm, but business marketing must increase , because we keep up with the times.

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