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The charm of mandalika tourism

 The charm of mandalika tourism


Mandalika Lombok Ntb area, will be the new jewel of the world for tourists, both domestic and overseas.

West Nusa Tenggara provincial government strengthens tourism and agriculture sector to support economic growth (NTB).

Therefore, infrastructure development continues to run in special economic areas.

This is a form of Indonesia's election as the host of the 2021 Moto Gp in mandalika lombok.so that the Indonesian government accelerates infrastructure development and hotel construction in the region.

Mandalika was also included as a reserve veneu ,i.e. a registered circuit, allowed to choose the schedule of the 2021 Moto Gp event.

Moto Gp mandalika2021
Sirkuit Mandalika lombok NTB

The charm of mandalika area is very beautiful.surrounded by beaches and mountains, making the Indonesian government, set as a priority tourism area, because it will have an international standard circuit.and will be the only moto Gp circuit that combines highways.

Not only beaches and mountains, mandalika also has a cape beach area surrounded by white sand.especially those who like to surf.you can also watch the waves of the sea that pamper the eyes.

Around mandalika there are also special interest locations, for tourists who want to try the challenge of hunting the waves.not far from gerumuk beach there are 5 places to surf from beginner class to professional class

Attractions worth visiting in Mandalika lombok

Kuta Beach; beaches that are almost similar to bali beaches, but kuta beach is considered better.because the area is still natural, and still lacking visitors and cleanliness is still maintained.

Seger beach ; beaches that are not so far from kuta beach and have hills suitable for enjoying the sunrise.

Serenting Beach; beaches located in the eastern part of mandalika.pantai long-shaped with a stretch of white sand around the highlands are charming.

Merese Hill; not only the beach in mandalika .you can also find hills or called highlands.which is very cool.especially for tourists who like fotoshop.foto selvi

Tour package to mandalika.

Traveling mandalika happy holiday

Sukarara village .where typical woven handicrafts mandalika

Photos of lombok custom clothes

Visit the place of typical lombok traditional house

Lunch at senaru restaurant

Around the coast of Cape Aan

Dinner at lombok's signature restaurant

Check in hotel

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