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Never do this to children

 Never do this to children

Bulying kids


Yes... it is not very good for you to do to children because it can have a bad impact on the mental and how to behave in the environment .can even make the child become uncons confident when you want to do something. especially the child has felt this way.ini not only weaken the mental but also sikis


Riticing is actually okay... But!!! All you have to know is to do the criticism in a positive way.

So that the child does not feel minded or pessimistic in doing things.


Yelling can also make the child become uncons confident even by yelling .can make the child not follow the advice .what is being given to him.because by yelling at him makes the child feel unconsnsed and consider less affection .consequently. can also make the child become rebelling by performing negative actions

Leave him.

Leaving a child .as well as giving an example to ignore the surrounding environment. it can make the child feel sad.loneliness. even feel himself alone.

This is what causes the child to become frustrated and assume that he is no longer useful to everyone closest to him. to the surrounding environment because no one cares about him anymore.

Saying rudely

Being rude to children can change the mindset of how to talk to others.

Children can follow every thing that is heard without having to be filtered first .which is good and which is right .therefore .sometimes we find children whose way of speaking has gone beyond the way of speaking less politely.feel themselves more correct and do not appreciate the words of people who are more mature than him to ignore the words of parents.

So try yourself not to say rude things in front of the children


In other words try to avoid the above treatment ..not to do so .to children.either speech or negative behavior.because the nature of children in thinking is still innocent.

So whatever you see and listen to. He can follow.

So try to provide positive information and good behavior so that the child. grow well without any confusion in order to create quality children.

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