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Joe Biden first U.S. State of the Union address

 Joe Biden first U.S. State of the Union address

U.S. President Joe biden greeted his victory confidently at the white house as the 46th U.S. President by delivering a message to all Americans, to remain united for the peace of the country.

Joe Biden

Even Joe biden promised to unite every difference in order to achieve the goal of peace of all Americans.because the people desperately need special attention from the government. And will always hear what the American people want. 

It's time to heal America.

In a victory speech a few days ago U.S. President joe biden also delivered a message for the people together to restore America. to return to a normal situation.especially in recent months we are in shock some gripping situations .ranging from terror, global crisis. until the issue of covid-19 virus corona.whichcauses the situation in the United States to be less stable.

U.S. President Joe biden also said he was ready to embrace the opposing side "to unite the united States of America" in order to remain united and fight together for the peace of the country and condemn violence and crime. because it is so inappropriate.

U.S. President Joe Biden: 2021 is a time of crisis and challenge 

Skynews Joe biden and Barack Obama

So we must unite together without any chasm of difference and .so that we can recover the situation for the better.because all for the justice of the people. I know the United States has been very tested that America is a strong Country.

Congratulations on the election of Joe biden as the new President of the United States. A new face for America at the white house .sign for a sunny day.

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