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Be the richest man in the world Elon musk

 Be the richest man in the world Elon musk

Maybe you have aspirations to be a successful person.of course it requires a long process. Even being the richest man in the world... like everyone dreams of it.

As the saying goes, money is not below death but if there is no money it feels like dying!!

Elon Musk's long journey to build his business has been remarkable.As the founder of world-class companies such as Solaricity, Tesla motors, and spaceX,making himself increasingly known in the world, as an extraordinary person in the field of business and technology.

Have you ever dreamed of getting rich in a day

Have you ever dreamed of getting rich in a day
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This is what happened to Elon musk,overnight ,Elon musk's wealth was able to surpass the wealth of Jeff Bezos ,owner of the Amazon market.because some of his shares rose 1000 % ,to make him the richest man today ,although some of his interviews with the television station ,who asked about his wealth, Elon musk ,instead replied never thinking about financial planning ..... Wow!!!! 

Elon musk born in 1971 Pretoria south Africa

Started his business career in Palo alto, California. Surely you must know about business services PayPal a few years ago as the largest financial services in the world.

As the PayPal ,Elon musk sold the financial services to ebay (which at the time was $1.5 billion) in stock in 2002.

It wasn't until Musk's interest now to start something new that was when he founded SpaceX.

From PayPal Tesla was born

From PayPal Tesla was born

Elon musk was not there when Tesla was formed in 2003, but the funding and strategic vision of his business, which propelled Tesla into the company that used to be the largest electric vehicle company .even the value of Tesla's stock , increased in recent months, with a value of 600 billion dollars.to the control of the stock market with a tremendous increase.this is what crowned him to be the richest man in the world today.congratulations and success .........

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