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Environmentally Friendly air filters that can purify the room of your home and workplace

For healthy air.....
Source; briiv / Five Created

This is Briiv by Five Create,an air filter that is powered by moss,charcoal.coconuts and sheep's wool developed and used by NASA.
Briiv's green materials are simple yet effective and include naturally dried moss and activated charcoal that helps take out particulate matter and odors from the air.coconut husks help trap harmful substances from the air.the sheep's wool developed and used by NASA as air filters and to combat airbone viruses,is as effective as a plastic HEPA filter but 100% biodegradable.

This as matter of being able to monitor the air conditions around us
Briiv's made in the UK,literally brings nature right into your home or office as its 100% renewable and its natural materials filter air the way mother nature has always intended.
The air quality detectors created by Five Create,in hopes of monitoring ambient air conditions ,thereby reducing health-threatening risks.

The air content of some human beings have a different quality,depending on there area were they live.
because of the health of the body is also very influential in the air quality,both from respiratory,cardiovascular,neurological,and blood sugar.....it also gives advice on the air conditions around us.

With fewer impurities in your environment,you health improves,which is reflected in one's blood circulation,brain activity and muscle performance.
briiv also points out that current air filters are outdated and aren't eco-friendly.

plastic HEPA filter aren't biodegradable and generate thousands of tons of landfill every year.innovations that can improve air quality for the better.because we see the current air condition,quite bad because of the pollution that is made by humans,which can give effect to health in general,both newly affected by groups ,children,and adults ,as well as people who do have a history of respiratory diseases such as asthma,quite helpful,in terms of seeking natural air,fresh, natural,good with the method.

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