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This autonomous bricklayer bot can construct an affordable home in just 3 days

Australia company FBR has developed a revolutionary bricklaying robot called the Hadrian X that can build a 3 bedroom 2 bath hause in just three days.
This autonomous construction robot can be mounted into a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it between locations.
Hadrian X FBR

The technology of robotic machines is quite innovative , but how much it costs if it builds 1 milllion homes.
to process the worker is quite adequate because it only takes 2 to 3 days.
FBR Fastbrick wall system uses super efficient blocks specifically designed for Hardrian X.
These unique blocks are twelve times bigger than standard house brick and are lighter,stronger and designed to minimize waste.
using a special adhesive,the blocks are bonded togheter in just 45 minutes.
this technology has the potential to relieve the shortage of affordable housing.

I think this technology can be helpful when people are confinement/semi eg,for humanitrian aid projects regions or projects lacking skilled workers or man power in general etc.
I like the idea but cannot help feel sentimental about those bricklayers who do their job so well not missing any cracks or making sure that it all fits together...and to do so with care attention and personal pride.
the Hardian X could also be mounted onto other bases such as tracks,barges.boats.and cranes making this construction robot very versatile for different building needs in various locations.
robot X uses FBR Dynamic Stabilization technology,which measures movement caused by wind,Vibration and inertia.

the smart bot then responds instantaneously using advanced algorithms to provide its impressive precision.

Very good,my only suggestion is equipment/machine or service has not introduced globally,and contacts of manufacturer,then the post will not serve any purpose and they tend to forget unless it is reached the end users or people who are interested in importing also the cost effectiveness at the end product.

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