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This low cost ventilator developed by a team of doctors computer scientists

The MIT emergency ventilator (E-vent)project is open source and uses a manual resuscitator( self-inflanting bag) that's already available at almost every hospital.
technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute Of technology can help save the lives of many people.
MIT E-Vent

The MIT team has automated the manual squeezing process of the bag by adding mechanical paddles driven by a small motor.
this directs air through a tube which is placed in the patient's airways,pushing air into their lungs.
A standard ventilator can cost around $ 30,000 each,but this inexpensive alternative costs around $500.the designs are available online and can be built quickly around the world.

According to experts such a device needs a source of oxygen,blood oxygenation measurement and active oxygen,air mix regulation.
and or other additions or changes to be useful for helping covid-19 patients.

I never knew ventilator just pump the air always imagined it is pure oxygen pumped to ease breathing!!
I appreciate you guys teried to ease the problem of ventilators.but ventilators have more functions than delivering oxygen to the patient.the ventilator should be adjusted based on the function and capacity of the lung.
Sometimes the lung can be wet due to inflammation and needs a lot of air circulation.,volume based or pressure based of ventilation are only could be done by ventilator.

the researchers emphasize that this is not a project for typical do it yourselfers,but should only be undertaken by people with clinical enginering skills and specialized understanding of the clinical technical interface.
it should also be only used under the supervision of a clinician.

we need both good decisions and low cost technology solutions,they exist,i am sure of it,again,no need to re-invent the whell,what is being done in other countries successsfully.

the use of fantastic technology especially when in need of most countries.the right time for all the technology,smart people collectively share their knowledge and experience for the good of humanity.
What do you think???

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