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some of the ways you have to work to avoid permanent poverty

Talking about the financial course everyone wants to have the ability to manage the financial well.so that our lives do not walk in the place or the bad things that will lead us like poverty,the bankruptcy that will be inherent in us,in running a business of any kind.

in this case many ordinary people fail to undergo,consequently they are trapped in financial poverty.
so whatever we have to master in the financial world,so we do not fall into the deep holes,while the cost of living is getting higher.

Have the ability and good at finding money
How ?? yes,of course with the abilities you have,you want to work hard and not give up in every way.But not everyone has that ability,even in the lifetime of this digital system.because it is never taught in school lessons or literature.what learn about how to avoid finance, but not know how to find money.

there can ask graduate or young students who are just graduation,after graduation if he can immediately seek money,it was never taught to him.
in fact the ability to get real money bust be in the about from the early,so that after adults can later live independently without the burden of both parents.

How to get him to go straight to make money,we will talk about in the next paragraph.

Have the skills or ability to invest
Investment is intelligence of financial management in order to produce even more.
you have never said concrete sage can grow rose.
but not that wise word I want to convey hehehehehe joking,,,little??

Never heard the wise words of successful people,why the could be successful and wealthy?? Because they use the money generated to return to produce money.
in other words,they make their money work hard to earn money again.

while you may have a hard-working prinsif without forgetting the rest time,while the results are not satisfactory to be enjoyed.it is equally  dropping yourself into the poverty pit for the many times.

so having the skill in investing is also capital for you to be able to directly make money,without having to finish the lecture first.

first of all good at investing, knowing the strategy of making a long-term profitable business.
Although the type of business is still small,but at least,make money without large capital.
So that it can enhance your experience and improve your skills in investment.

How to Spend money
To spend some money there is an knowledge,not only the origin of spending money,want to buy this,buy it,for this purpose and so on.

in managing the finance must certainly be thought of detail,because sometimes people look poor,when the salary is quite big enough.Due to fear of spending the money,for fear of running out of money,whereas if we master and have the knowledge to spend money,at least we will not be short of money.
so this is where skills and knowledge are needed,by investing,mastering strategies in business,and capital management,which every advantage in using to make more money.

This kind of thing we must develop,so that we have skills in using money,so that the attitude arises,so we are not afraid in spending money ,because we have mastered how to process finances and make money well,from the skills we have.

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