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Hand robot this Star Wars inspired LUKE prosthetic arm is controlled with your thoughts

Developed by team led by University of Utah biomedical engineering associate professor Gregory Clark,the LUKE Arm, mimics the way a human hand feels objects by sending the appropriate signals to the brain.
This could be another way for people with Parkinson's decease to tackle every day task if combined with a remote controlled device.
University of Utah

it's a pretty fantastic and innovative invention,the LUKE Arm enables amputees to complete delicate tasks,such as picking up an egg without cracking it,plucking grapes without crushing them,peeling a banana and putting on a wedding ring.

Technology that offers disabled users due to amputation,or accidental injuries,becomes better and can be as normal as a person.the prosthetic Arm taps into the amputee's nerves that are implanted with 100 microelectrodes and wires in the fore arm and connected to a computer outside of the body.
these nerves are also considered biological wires that send signal to the Arm to move.

So the LUKE Arm,is made up of metal motors,including a clear silicon,skin"over the hand.
so the user still feels like a genuine hand,as it can still be in control with the nerve brain.
How ever,it still requires more detailed development,because it can be a mismatch in brain thought function and there are some components whose function cannot last,with battery power that still not maximal.

it runs on an external battery and is wired to a computer,it was developed by DEKA Research and Development Corp, a new Hampshire based company founded by Segway Inventor Dean Kamen.

hopefully with the development of technological innovation,can have a positive impact to the crowd,with the more that it can also provide,hope for the talented researchers,so as to continue to make innovations that are more cool and beneficial.

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