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Entering the workforce that most importantly knows our strengths

Never feel sad not know what your excess ?? and increasingly sad because it was humbled by others.

I does not matter if at this time do not know what our advantages,if we know what shortcomings .
the most important thing is the real effort to change our shortcomings.

if it manages to change our shortcomings,haven't we managed to find one of our strengths.
my advantage is that is can change for the better and ultimately life is an option.

Have also been a less confident person

  • Not know what purpose of life
  • Do not know how to answer if you ask what skills,what is you advantage,but the answer is very long when asked to own shortcomings
but if you look back to those days,it is grateful that there is ever a lack of good times ,why???
that's what makes me to try to grow ,if life becomes used to be mediocre,maybe now still be the same person as it used to be.

from here we must learn a positive example,if we should not always underestimate other.

How to build confidence

  1. First we must know our strengths,then appreciate ourselves ,the we can just show our colors ,because sometimes we do not know if we do not have color.
  2. For those who still struggle to know you colors,it is not easy and can't be missed overnight.because it takes a long time
  3. we must also understand ,if we need to come to the fullest and strive to seek our own strengths
  4. keep learning and always come the fullest ,because everyone has the some opportunity ,and believes that hard work will not give you resultados negative
  5. Pray  to God  because all that you are going to pass through the Lord's true permission.

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