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custom prosthetic technology for finger users due to amputation to make it easier for them to do daily tasks easily

Tecnology Naked Prosthetics has developed these durable,custom,functional,and high-qualty finger prostheses,particularly for partial hand amputation.
naked prosthetic

these innovative finger prostheses mimic the natural motion of the finger and utilize the remainder of an amputee's digit to power each device.this allows amputees to  conduct their daily tasks and fully fuction at work.

Trying to understand how they work but no luck! I thought that finger work  similiar to cylinders where muscles becoming shorter they pull the tender and finger open or close depending on which muscles relax and which active.
but in this amazing device idon't see any sort of engine or wire so this makes me a little curious ,but this idea is brilliant enough for technological thinking.

are you too curious?????
Quality life changing item,seems to be a very simple design,we often over think solutions for engineering challenges,you dont get more mechnically complex than the human hand or foot this is a perfect example of how to do it top job.
the customization of each device is so precise that's it's designed within millimeters of a patient's unique amputation and hand structure.
manufactured in the U.S Naked Prosthetics enable motor fuction and offers various custom designed finger prostheses to replance the partial or total loss of the finger.
so heartening to see technology being an enabler for people to have equal opportunities to live life at an optimun level,technology massification is the key now.

This is excellent use of technology,Naked Prosthetics are easy to clean and made from strong and durable medical grade nylon.their cage like design acts as a protector and is especially beneficial for doing manual labor or carpentry.
they are equipped with conforming silicone rubber tip pads that resemble the natural fingertip.
wonderful amazing,eligante in its simplicity and profound in its effectiveness.

Daily life made easier indeed.........
How great this invention is!!! God bless all those who think n devise these prosthetics n bring immense happiness to those in need of same.thank you by booble.red

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