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This Shoe is Made From Plastic Waste That is Collected From The Ocean

The plastic is collected from the ocean by the environmental organization called Parley for the oceans and the recycled by adidas.

Because plastic waste is very disturbing to the ocean ecosystem,especially plastic is quite difficult to destroy,so that the ocean is not polluted by the amount of plastic that can cause toxins for animals in the ocean.

over 12,7 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year,killing 1,5 million sea animals this project reduces ocean plastic and saves lives.
these shoes are made of 95% plastic collected from the ocean and need the equivalent of plastic bottles for a pair of shoes.

this collaboration was a commercial success,and it also had the effect of reducing the pollution of the oceans that were done on the basis of human error.
also giving examples to companies that have the same field,can also join.

the were 1 million pairs sold in 2017 and million in 2018,adidas expects to sell 11 million shoes in 2019.

Adidas wants to use recycled polyester in every product and by 2021,produce a shoes line called futurecraft loop that can be 100% recycled.

what do you think,do you also want to save the marine ecosystem???
you can actually start from the easy thing,that is by not throwing trash into the ocean.

and always loving the ocean, so that our generation will still enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

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