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This foot Support Support So That You Can Still Rest While Working

it has been designed for the medical field,however,it can also be used by those in retail,food service,or factories,where they are required to be on their feet for long a long hours.
The possibilities are endless.

depending how comfortable they are this could be samething for spine procedure where they have to change their position from time to time.

LIke the look a little bit like strom trooper legs
it's called archelis and it's designed in Japan by mold factory nitto to help doctors and medical staff sit during surgery.

it aims to reduce fatigue during long and physically demanding surgeries.

The walkable chair easily straps on around your legs,feet,and rear end,to support your lower body,while you comfortably take a seat as you bend your kness.

Others have commented that chairs are generally not suitable for surgeons.
This device is a an attempt to make surgeons more comfortable during long procedures so that they canconcentrate on performing sugery.

the device would also probably have more untility in other jobs involing long periods of standing.
it brings a sigh of relief for those who need it.

because leg braces support your lower body and let you take a set when you have to spend long hours on your feet.

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