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This Collaborative robot uses artificial intelligence to help humans recycle more efficiently and reliably

The Al powered robotic sorter is already in use in facilities in the US including in San Francisco,san jose and York,Pennsylvania.
Deploying machine vision to analyze and sort material streams is helping the cities produce even cleaner bales and sustain their recycling program.
sumber Bulk Handling System

Imagine if we could do more at the source and negate the need for such a capital intensive investment,it is a clever application of a maturing technology,but the local councils have a lot to answer for in some countries in terms of cultivating a culture of closing the loop.
it's called Max-Al by Bulk Handling system and it uses multi layered neural networks and a vision system that identifies recyclables and other items,it employs deep learning technology to sort,process and recover waste,resulting in improved material recovery and operational efficiency.

in switzerland it is a cultural obligation and community policed where types of and colours of glass,plastic and even paper are separated,then sent off for recycling.
i am not saying the Swiss are perfect,but clever technology solutions to people problems worry.
as a technology deployed to solve an existing issue,magnificent.

max Al processes video images through a detection pipeline to see and identify objects similiar to the way a person does.
it's capable of learning on the job and can adapt to changes.it's collaborative,so it can work safely alongside people and can be quickly placed in existing facilities.

I think this is one of the most important innovations ever conceived of and it will help the world prevent the wall-e senario,where the robot is finally given the task to clean the earth.

although a number of people would loose their jobs,as to pick various trash,i do think this is better for robots to do,cos it may have quite a nasty helath impact on workers.
I think its a risky job.other question,if so many dfferent jobs are being replaced by robots,how will the economics work with it how distribute wealth to everybody.
what will people do in future??

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