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Keep your distance to avoid the corona covid-19 virus

do not to be tired of reminding others.because many people do not understand about this corona pidemic virus.
let alone places that have limited information contracted the corona virus,try to always keep a distance of several meters from people,always wash their hands after finishing something,and stay at home,before further notice.

we know that the corona virus attacks the respiratory system,generally the way in which the transmission of the corona virus tends to be in children.

but for parents,they must also be more vigilant,moreover,this disease is very dangerous for those who are elderly and physically weak.

items or objects that are contaminated with viruses,can be very easily transmitted to or bodies.
moreover corona of the virus is able to survive on the surface of objects in a period that is not short,can take hours and even days.

the spread of the virus can occur through the air directly,how can this be possible even if a patient does not make direct physical contact with an infected person.home,if not an urgent matter.

the use of masks is recommended and periodically clean the room by spraying using a sanitizer.

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