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Get bored at home Rich brian makes a music video

Indonesia singer Rich Brian who was successful in the United States,returned to making music videos,due to being bored at home after the Corona virus outbreak,that struck almost all over the world today.
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a few days at home it seems like Rich Brian wants to channel his musical talent, by making music videos,so that fans can still enjoy his work.
in fact he took  the theme of music that had been popularized by Japanese Hip-hop group Teriyaki boys,who became a song from the movie fast and the furious,but on the other hand Rich brian changed the lyrics of the song with lyrics made by him,so that it made a little more cool,and Rich Brian also shows a fast way to sing rapper who is very good.

during the quarantine priod at home for several days,Rich Brian greeted his fans to keep up their spirits in facing the current situation,due to the corona virus that struck almost the whole world.

with a unique dance in the room and home garden,this shows that is does not reduce his intention to keep working.

Even on Istagram Brian Rich's story also apologizes to his fans Indonesia, due to the postponement of the Head in the clouds spotify festival in Jakarta due to the corona virus epidemic.

Ok,,, success continues to be Rich brian and hopefully can soon visit Indonesia,my hometown,and Continue to work with music

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