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A Rotating Bed That can Be Adjusted And Designed For Limited Mobility

Rotoplex beds by Theraposture are designed for the elderly and those with restricted mobility to move and rotate from prone to fully upright seated position with the touch of one button.

the rotating beds can assist individuals with neurological conditions such as parkinsons's and MS.

this rotating and adjustable bed is designed to help people with limited mobility get into and out of bed with ease.so that it is not difficult in doing direct movements,if the patient wants to get out of bed.

Rotoflex encompasses German engineering to maximise safety and reduces stress and strain when standing up or sitting down.
this is to provide security for users who are injured or elderly people,so that they remain in control in doing their movements,without feeling tense on the aching muscles.

its ergonomic design with simple controls assists with a vertical seat lift for a safe controlled sit to stand transfers.

The 3ft wide rotating bed for one person are electrically operated to propile,rotate and raise the platform.it increases independence and reduces the number of carers needed from two to none for people who only require help with getting into and out of bed at their home.

it can be life changing for many people.especially people who really need innovation in the world of health.

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