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A Digital Jacket For Cyclists Shows Emojis For The Rider Who is Behind You

The emojis are controlled through a wireless remote on the bike's handlebars and include a "happy face,worried,face,a,hazard warning and turn signals.

Cyclist can use the emojis to show satisfaction with other motorists,warn about a hazard ahead or when they feel unsafe.

So the jacket is very suitable for use,if we are biking in a city where the vehicles are very heavy in traffic.
in order to stay safe in cycling,even though now many cities are implementing lanes for cyclists.
the emoji jacket is by car giant FORD MOTOR Company to enable cyclists to communicate with other road users.

Ford commissioned the development of the emoji jacket as part of their "Share the Road"safety campaign,which aims to improve cycle safety by helping cyclists and drivers share the road more effectively.

it helps to encourange understanding and respect between every road user.
it's one of a kind creation,which is not available to buy,however,is designed to let cyclists clearly show their intentions and feelings to drivers.it aims to save lives on the road.

What do you think about this innovation??
emojis have become part of every language in expressing ourselves quickly and effectively.
technological innovation that is very useful,and really needs a lot people,especially security in cycling must be really safe.

it remains to be seen whether you will be able to purchase the jacket and if it does go on sale,it could help cyclists communicate visually and quickly in traffic.

this is actually,not very necessary,but most importantly still use a protective jacket when cycling,it is  very mandatory.
that means you care about safety in every activity.

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